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About application
About test

About application

Q:How many members to join the event?

A:You can see it at plug fest in the past.

Q:No matter who can write signature on agreement? Is it mandatory to put
a seal?

A: Because document approval process depends on each company, we do not
define who must write signature. It is not necessary to put a seal.

Q: Let me know how it is going after application.

A: Invoice will be sent after application period is finished. Then, pamphlet
and connection schedule on the day will be sent to written e-mail address
by one week before event.

Q: Is it acceptable to pay event fee on the day by cash? Is it acceptable
to pay after event?

A: To prevent reception confusion on the day, event fee has to be paid by wire transfer to designated account by JASA. It has to be paid before the event. Please contact if there is some difficulty.

About test

Q: Is it possible to have additional test period if every test does not finished within scheduled time?

A:Even though schedule has enough room (45 minutes per slot), both team
can agree and extend time after all scheduled test is finished.

Q: How many test can be done per team?

A:Depending on a number of equipment, schedule will be made so that thirteen (13) to fifteen (15) test can be done per team for two days.

Q: Are there any official languages in Plagfest?

A:English and Japanese are official languages. All participant shall be
enforced to speak either English or Japanese during Plugfest.


E-mail: japanplugfest@jasa.or.jp
FAX: +81-3-5643-0212
TEL: +81-3-5643-0211