About Japan Plug Fest

Japan Plug Fest is a technological opportunity, for those manufacturers who will promote their products to the market, to make sure interoperability with other vendors’ products.


Event background

In these days, interface specifications have had rapid speed such as PCI
Express, USB and IEEE1394. A lot of interfaces specifications for media
such as HDMI and ThunderBolt have been produced as well. Not only these
situations, but frequent revision of specifications might have caused communication
error between different vendors’ products.

Each vendor, in terms of its responsibility, spent a huge number of technical
man-hour to check it as much as possible, however it is too difficult to
check whole possible connections.

Plug fest is a general term of voluntary technological event for application products vendor to confirm interoperability and aim to error elimination and quality up.

However, plug fest in the past were taken place by main player like big
company, then bias of joining companies or independence of operation were

JASA, as a neutral organization, therefore has decided to take place technological event to improve interoperability for member companies and application products vendors of respective interface.

Inviting widely, we will prepare circumstances for those vendors so that they can provide high quality and safe products.

Purpose and feature

It is the purpose of the event to make sure interoperability between different vendors products applying the same interface specifications and aim to error elimination and quality up.

Joining vendors are categorized as source, sink, repeater equipment and
cable. Each vendor brings its products to connect other vendors products
to check protocol, video, audio, encryption, etc, based on compliance test

Also, Japan plug fest has its unique test items to increase quality of
all joining vendors.