オートモーティブ ソフトウエア エキスポ

Association Partner (As of June 26, 2023)

  • Automotive Grade Linux (The Linux Foundation)
  • Automotive Edge Computing Consortium
  • Eclipse Foundation
  • The Autoware Foundation
  • Automotive Embedded System Industry Forum
  • Japan Automotive Software Platform and Architecture
  • Japan Automotive ISAC


In recent years, software-based development is getting to be the leading role as connected cars, EVs, and automated driving become more prevalent and developed.
This trend is not limited to automobiles but is expected to develop into software and services as well, and new players in and outside the automotive industry are entering the market one after another. Many new announcements were made at CES 2023 held in Las Vegas this past January, attracting a great deal of attention.

We are pleased the addition of The Linux Foundation/Automotive Edge Computing Consortium/Eclipse Foundation/The Autoware Foundation/Automotive Embedded System Industry Forum/Japan Automotive Software Platform/AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture / Japan Automotive ISAC and Architecture as a new association partner of EdgeTech+, which will act as a comprehensive exhibition of edge technologies.
We will be hosting a special event titled “Automotive Software Expo” While many events in the automotive industry focus on hardware and components, the Automotive Software Expo will focus on software technology in automotive development, aiming to provide a venue where related technologies, products, and information can come together.

Join us and use this opportunity to maximize your business.

Target Fields

Exhibit Products / Services

  • AI
  • CPS/ Digital Twins / Simulator
  • Cyber Security/SBOM
  • Cloud/CloudNative
  • In-Vehicle HMI Development
  • Authoring Tool
  • CI/CD
  • OTA
  • Dynamic Maps
  • DevOps/Agile
  • OSS
  • Autonomous Driving Software Development
  • Functional Design/System Design
  • Compiler/Static Analysis
  • Third-party Safety Testing and Certification
  • Functional Safety
  • Automotive Spice
  • Project Management / Deliverables Management
  • Human Resource Development/Riskilling
  • Knowledge Sharing/Information Sharing  etc.

Target Attendees

Type of Industry

Automobile Manufacturers, Tier 1, Semiconductor & Automotive Division, OEM, Automotive sector of the IT industry, Software Vendors, Start-up, Research Institutes, Government office, etc


Development, Design, Research, Planning, Production / Quality control, Management, Corporate planning / Administration


EdgeTech+ Show Management Office:(NANO OPT Media, Inc.)

E-mail: sales-info@f2ff.jp