EdgeTech+ Trajectory

  • 1986

    Started as MST (Microcomputer System & Tool Fair)

  • 2002

    Renamed as Embedded Technology Expo

  • 2015

    Co-located with IoT Technology Expo

Comprehensive exhibition to connect with the latest technologies to promote business transformation

Event Concept

Now that we are in a period of business transformation To an event that realizes customer-driven value creation with a new plus for edge technology

event concept

About the + (plus) Initiatives

Applied Industries
  • Conduct Retail AI Expo in collaboration with the Retail AI Institute.
Open Innovation
  • Open Innovation Summit held in collaboration with Yokohama City and Yokohama Future Organization
Cloud Native / Software First
  • ONE Summit Fall in collaboration with the Linux Foundation
Organizational development and development thinking for DX promotion
  • Collaboration with Lean / Agile related organizations, etc.
Stimulation of interest in manufacturing among young people
  • Collaboration with Maker Faire
  • Collaboration with manufacturing-related communities
Reinforcement of related technologies and new technological fields
  • Organize End to End IoT Wireless project
  • Collaboration with LPWA-related organizations
  • Organize the Vision & Edge AI Expo
  • Enhancements to Cloud, Security, and Platform Areas


EdgeTech+ Show Management Office:(NANO OPT Media, Inc.)

E-mail: sales-info@f2ff.jp