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20th Program

20th Program AM PM


10:00-11:00 Special Lecture S-5 Conference Center 5F [501+502] » 事前登録フォームへ

The day after industry 4.0 and IoT design for the society of intangible things and services

Yasuyuki NishiokaHosei University Engineering and Design department professor

10:00-11:30 ET Technical Session TS-5 Annex Hall 2F [F202] » 事前登録フォームへ

Software Quality Improvement through "Fact Control"

Makoto NonakaToyo University Faculty of Business Administration Professor

10:00-11:30 IoT Technical Session TSI-6 Annex Hall 2F [F206] » 事前登録フォームへ

NICT's activities and future visions on the wireless grid systems

Fumihide KojimaNICT Smart Wireless Laboratory, Wireless Network Research Institute Director

10:00-10:45 Design and Verification Tool Track DVT-8 Annex Hall 2F [F204] » 事前登録フォームへ

State transition design and related features of modeling tool

Takeshi KounoSparx Systems Japan Co., Ltd. CEO

10:00-12:45 Hardware Track HD-1 Annex Hall 2F [F201] » 事前登録フォームへ

A Review of Hardware Development of the Embedded Systems

Katsuhiko NekiUbiquitos Computing Salon coordinator

Evolution of Multimedia & Display

Hidetoshi Iwasa

Introducing the general interfaces USB, SDIO, I2C, others

Tasuku KashihiraFlatoak Co., Ltd. CEO

Useful low power wireless technologies on IoT era Choice of wireless networking standard depending on the application

Tomohiro SaneyoshiAtmark Techno, Inc. President

Unconnectable USB -Where is a Trap?-

Osamu TomiokaUQUEST, Ltd. Marketing Department General Manager

10:00-10:45 IoT Track IoT-7 Annex Hall 2F [F205] » 事前登録フォームへ

Realize Internet of Things How to implement IoT on Microsoft Cloud platform with Devices

Hiroshi OtaMicrosoft Japan Co., Ltd. Developer Experience & Evangelism Technical Evangelist

10:00-16:10 Private Conference PSJ Conference Center 5F [511+512] » 事前登録フォームへ

Smart Japan Alliance

11:00-11:45 Design and Verification Tool Track DVT-9 Annex Hall 2F [F204] » 事前登録フォームへ

Model-based development support services on cloud

Takashi MishimaTOSHIBA INFORMATION SYSTEMS (JAPAN) CORPORATION Embedded System Division Chief Specialist

11:00-11:45 IoT Track IoT-8 Annex Hall 2F [F205] » 事前登録フォームへ

Inventing Memory for Things Adesto developed the Disruptive memory technology platform and expoler to Embedded market

Hiroshi IwasakiRegional Sales Manager, Japan

11:00-12:00 IPA Seminar IPA-5 Annex Hall 2F [F203] » 事前登録フォームへ

Hardware Security for Embedded Devices Threats Posed by Attacks against IC Chips Embedded in Devices such as Smart Cards

Toru HashimotoInformation-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA) IT Security Center (ISEC), Technology Headquarters Supervisor


12:00-13:00 Special Lecture S-6 Conference Center 5F [501] » 事前登録フォームへ

“Collision Avoidance Technology”, an Automobile Collision Avoidance System with Amazing Performance Stereo Vision and Application to Object Recognition

Keiji SaneyoshiTokyo Institute of Technology Radiation Research and Manegement Center Associate Professer

12:00-13:30 ET Technical Session TS-6 Annex Hall 2F [F202] » 事前登録フォームへ

Can you use UML and SysML properly? The Champion of the robot contest talks about effective usage of the model.

Eiko SakaiDENSO Corporation Information & Communications Technology Eng.Div.2 Software Development Dept.2 Project Assistant Manager

12:00-13:30 IoT Technical Session TSI-7 Annex Hall 2F [F206] » 事前登録フォームへ

The Latest Trends and Methods for Choosing Wireless Standards Suitable for IoT Systems

Tatsushi HashimotoOTSL Inc. 3rd Department

12:00-12:45 Design and Verification Tool Track DVT-10 Annex Hall 2F [F204] » 事前登録フォームへ

Debug tool based workflow for AUTOSAR software development

Takahito KagawaLauterbach Japan Ltd. Technical Support Dep. Technical Support

12:00-12:45 IoT Track IoT-9 Annex Hall 2F [F205] » 事前登録フォームへ

IoTMarket Trend and TI solution

Masamitsu Sakai Texas Instruments Japan Limited IoT Solutions, Sales&Applications Manager

13:00-13:45 Design and Verification Tool Track DVT-11 Annex Hall 2F [F204] » 事前登録フォームへ

Coming soon !

Masashi AraiHeartland.Data Inc. Process Management Department Technical Support Division Manager

13:00-14:45 EDA-LPB Track EDA-LPB-1 Annex Hall 2F [F201] » 事前登録フォームへ

A farewell to SoC, even so SoC Transistor to Circuit, Circuit to Functional Block, Funcitonal Block to System, System to ?

Yasuhiro WakimotoSocionext Inc. Connected Imaging Business Unit Vice President

Talk Session: How Semiconductor and EDA should be in IoT era Get ready for explosive business opportunities, are you on the right track !?

Moderator: Kenji TsudaSemiconductor Portal, Incorporated Editor-in-chief

13:00-13:45 IoT Track IoT-10 Annex Hall 2F [F205] » 事前登録フォームへ

A key learning points of new services and values based on latest IoT communication technology location positioning,visualization,watch over, and correspond to other increasing key word

Yoshihiro IzumiNissin Systems Co., Ltd. Industrial Solution Business Division Busines Marketing Office Senior Chief

13:00-14:00 IPA Seminar IPA-6 Annex Hall 2F [F203] » 事前登録フォームへ

ANGELS & DEMONS in SMART-Society Merits and Demerits in IoT era

Masayoshi NakaoInformation-technology Promotion Agency, Japan(IPA) Software Group, Software Reliability Enhancement Center(SEC), Technology Headquarters Group leader

13:30-14:30 Special Lecture S-7 Conference Center 5F [502] » 事前登録フォームへ

Ruby, embedded systems, and IoT

Yukihiro MatsumotoRuby Association Chairman

14:00-15:30 ET Technical Session TS-7 Annex Hall 2F [F202] » 事前登録フォームへ

Embedded software Quality in IoT era Problems and their solutions 

Masayuki HirayamaNihon Univ. College of Science and Technology Professor

14:00-14:45 Design and Verification Tool Track DVT-12 Annex Hall 2F [F204] » 事前登録フォームへ

Failure detection by Static Analyses without Source codes

Hirofumi MakitaA.I. Corporation SPQA Group Embedded Testing Division Senior Engineer

15:00-16:45 EDA-LPB Track EDA-LPB-2 Annex Hall 2F [F201] » 事前登録フォームへ

7th LSI Package Board (LPB) Forum Session 1: Announcement of publishing IEEE2401-2015 LSI Package Board (LPB) Interoperable Design Format
Session 2: Roud-table talk by prodact developers.

Yoshinori FukubaJapan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association LSI Package Board Interoperable Design Process Working Group Chair

14:00-14:45 IoT Track IoT-11 Annex Hall 2F [F205] » 事前登録フォームへ

Sensor Measurements and Edge Computing that is inevitable for Industrial IoT

Kazunari OkadaNational Instruments Japan Corporation Marketing Sr.Technical Marketing Manager

14:00-14:45 Sponsor Session SS-1 Annex Hall 2F [F206] » 事前登録フォームへ

How to keep winning in the new era for manufacturers where every product is componentized and connected

Kamijo YuAccenture Japan Ltd Products Managing Director

14:10-15:10 IPA Seminar IPA-7 Annex Hall 2F [F203] » 事前登録フォームへ

The overseas moving of the recent technical discussions for SMART-Systems Many discussions for IoT standardization make us be in confusion. But don't miss it.

Masahiro SugisakiInformation-technology Promotion Agency, Japan(IPA) System Group, Software Reliability Enhancement Center(SEC), Technology Headquaters Resercher

15:00-16:30 Panel Session P-2 Conference Center 5F [501] » 事前登録フォームへ

OSS for the Internet of Things: How should we use it?

Moderator: Tomonori ShindohNikkei Business Publications, Inc. Nikkei Robotics Staff Editor

Panelists: Akihiro AnezakiNEC Corporation OSS Promotion Center Manager

Panelists: Hiroshi OtaMicrosoft Japan Co., Ltd. Developer Experience & Evangelism Technical Evangelist

Panelists: Nobuyasu SuzumuraAISIN COMCRUISE Co.,Ltd/ NEDO(New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) Research member

15:00-15:45 Design and Verification Tool Track DVT-13 Annex Hall 2F [F204] » 事前登録フォームへ

Method for test efficiency improvement by using GUI automation tool

Masayuki KANNOFUJITSU COMPUTER TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED Test Methodology Producing Division Development Dept.Ⅱ Manager

15:00-15:45 IoT Track IoT-12 Annex Hall 2F [F205] » 事前登録フォームへ

Unexpectedly time consuming? Difficulties of IoT system development Avoid these pitfalls !!

Masahiro NakaiAtmark Techno, Inc. Strategic Planning Office Project Manager

15:00-17:00 Special Session C-5 Conference Center 5F [502] » 事前登録フォームへ

Organizational Standard Process and Delta-Oriented Software Development

Process Flow Diagram for Software Process Design

Yoshio Shimizu

Process Flow Diagram for Software Process Design

Moderator: Akira IkedaAFFORDD (Association For Facilitasion Of Rational Derivational Development)

Panelists: Yoshiaki SaitoFuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Controller Development Innovation Controller Development Group Manager

Panelists: Keiji KobataDENSO E & TS TRAINING CENTER CORPORATION Engineering Education Development Dept. Project Manager

Panelists: Kensuke YamadaHitachi Information & Telecommunication Engineering, Ltd Software Dept.3 Lead Engineer

15:00-17:00 Special Session C-6 Annex Hall 2F [F206] » 事前登録フォームへ

Coming soon !

15:20-16:20 IPA Seminar IPA-8 Annex Hall 2F [F203] » 事前登録フォームへ

What’s needed for System development in coming IoT era What’s up? Risk in SMART Society and How to solve complexity using Systems Engineering?

Shinji MiyaharaInformation-technology Promotion Agency, Japan(IPA) System Group, Software Reliability Enhancement Center(SEC), Technology Headquaters Resercher

Shuji MuroInformation-technology Promotion Agency, Japan(IPA) Software Group, Software Reliability Enhancement Center(SEC), Technology Headquarters Chief Adviser

15:45-17:00 Special Session C-7 Annex Hall 2F [F202] » 事前登録フォームへ

JASPAR's activity toward automotive cyber security standardization

Hiroshi HashimotoJASPAR, General Incorporated Association Co-Chief of Steering Committee and Chief of Cyber Security Technical Working Group

16:00-16:45 Design and Verification Tool Track DVT-14 Annex Hall 2F [F204] » 事前登録フォームへ

Source Code Analysis Solution for Embedded Software Security

Masaru HoriokaRogue Wave Software Japan Field Technical Services Senior Sales Engineer

IoT-13 Fri 20th   16:00-16:45 Annex Hall 2F[F205] » 事前登録フォームへ

Security requirement and countermeasure for IoT embedded system

Motoki NagashimaMacnica Inc.

Taiji KoikeMacnica Networks corp.



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