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19th Program

19th Program AM PM


10:00-11:00 Keynote Session K-2 Conference Center 5F [501+502] » 事前登録フォームへ

Automated and Connected technology toward traffic fatality and injury Zero

Seigo KuzumakiSub Program Director of SIP Automated Driving System
TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION Chief Safety Technology Officer Secretary

10:00-11:30 ET Technical Session TS-3 Annex Hall 2F [F202] » 事前登録フォームへ

Agile and Scrum Software Development That Connects Customers, Engineers and Management

Kenji HiranabeChange Vision, Inc. CEO
Eiwa System Management, Inc.

10:00-11:30 IoT Technical Session TSI-4 Annex Hall 2F [F206] » 事前登録フォームへ

Connected IoT Systems Security The Current situation of attacks and the points of countermeasures

Kosuke ItoConnected Consumer Devices Security Council

10:00-10:45 IoT Track IoT-4 Annex Hall 2F [F205] » 事前登録フォームへ

EnOcean technology for Energy harvesting wireless communications

Hidenori SudaRENESAS EASTON Co.,Ltd New Business Promotion Division Section Manager

10:00-17:00 Private Conference PST Conference Center 3F [311+312] » 事前登録フォームへ

STMicroelectronics K.K.

10:00-13:00 Special Session C-8 Annex Hall 2F [F201] » 事前登録フォームへ

M2M/IoT business model and Success process How to solve issue on M2M/IoT business by M2M/IoT business experts

Nobuhisa TsuchimotoVice chairman of M2M/IoT committee, MCPC ( CEO, AM Japan, Co., Ltd.)

Masato KomookaVice chairman of M2M/IoT committee, MCPC ( Group Leader, Business Intelligence Dept., KDDI Corporation)

Takehiro FurukawaValidation WG Leader of M2M/IoT committee, MCPC ( Manager, Quality Design Management Div., Solution Design Group, Systena Corporation)

The Internet of Things brings a paradigm shift

Godo IrukayamaIrukayama Future Design Lab, Inc. President and CEO

Flash news for regulatory change on Japanese Radio Law and check points on compliance affairs for outbound business

Tetsuya NittaDSP Research, Inc. Sales Department Operating Officer

11:00-11:45 IoT Track IoT-5 Annex Hall 2F [F205] » 事前登録フォームへ

Wireless Technology in Market and Digi M2M Solution for IoT Era

Shoho EgawaDigi Internationla K.K. Regional Manager

11:00-12:00 IPA Seminar IPA-1 Annex Hall 2F [F203] » 事前登録フォームへ

Software Engineering Policy in IoT Era Safety and Security are the key of modern IT system

Takashi WadaInformation-technology Promotion Agency, Japan(IPA) Software Reliability Enhancement Center(SEC), Technorogy Headquarters Vice President


12:00-13:00 Keynote Session K-3 Conference Center 5F [501] » 事前登録フォームへ

The Principle for Profiting from IoT

Kazuo YanoHitachi, Ltd. Research and Development Group Corporate Chief Scientist

12:00-13:30 ET Technical Session TS-4  Annex Hall 2F [F202] » 事前登録フォームへ

Making efficient software development which applied to functional safety ISO 26262

Akihisa MorikawaWITZ Corporation Corporate Officer and Functional Safety Development Dept. General Manager
Atelier Corporation Director

12:00-13:30 IoT Technical Session TSI-5 Annex Hall 2F [F206] » 事前登録フォームへ

Sensing Technology for IoT Nodes and its New Possibility for the Applications

Hiroshi NoguchiSTMicroelectronics K.K. Analog, MEMS and Sensor Group Director

12:00-12:45 IoT Track IoT-6 Annex Hall 2F [F205] » 事前登録フォームへ

We Tried doing

Kazunori IdeData Technology Inc. sales division manager

10:30-17:00 Private Conference PMJ Conference Center 3F [303] » 事前登録フォームへ

Marubeni Information Systems, Co., Ltd.

13:00-15:20 Alliance Business Meeting Conference Center 3F [313+314] » 事前登録フォームへ

Alliance Business Meeting

Coming soon !

13:00-14:00 IPA Seminar IPA-2 Annex Hall 2F [F203] » 事前登録フォームへ

What to be encouraged by new publishing “White Papers on Embedded Software Development Projects in Japan”

Mitsuhiro MatsudaInformation-technology Promotion Agency, Japan(IPA) System Group, Software Reliability Enhancement Center(SEC), Technology Headquaters Resercher

13:15-14:15 Invited Lecture I-1 Conference Center 5F [501] » 事前登録フォームへ

Windows 10 IoT + Microsfot Azure: The shortcut to success for IoT

Rodney ClarkMicrosoft Corporation OEM IoT Device Experience Sales and Marketing Division General Manager

Carl CokenMicrosoft Corporation OEM Technical Sales General Manager, IoT

13:15-16:35 JASA Global Forum 2015 JF Annex Hall 2F [F205] » 事前登録フォームへ

Opening greetings

Yutaka HirotaJASA International Affairs Committee/TDI Product Solution CO.,LTD.Chairman/President & C.O.O

13:25-14:25 JASA Global Forum 2015 JF Annex Hall 2F [F205] » 事前登録フォームへ

Diversity of Asia and its Business Chance

Ryo IkebeJapan External Trade Organization Asia and Oceania Div., Overseas Reseach Dept. Director

Activities for Training Overseas Human Resources by HUDA

13:00-17:00 Multi Manycore Seminar 2015 MM Annex Hall 2F [F204] » 事前登録フォームへ

Coming soon !

13:30-14:30 Keynote Session K-4 Conference Center 5F [502] » 事前登録フォームへ

The mechanics of creation of new values that make engineers' eyes sparkle What can you create with IoT?

Hajime TakebayashiGeneral Manager, Openinnovation, Keihanna Innovation Center, OMRON Corporation
Previous President, docomo Healthcare, Inc.

14:00-14:45 Programmable Devices Track PD-4 Annex Hall 2F [F202] » 事前登録フォームへ

Technology Trend of Programmable Device Technology - Making IoT real

Hitoshi YoshizawaNihon Cypress K.K. Chairman

14:00-17:00 Special Session C-2 Annex Hall 2F [F201] » 事前登録フォームへ

A Proposal for using TOPPERS in Home Network Systems

Hiroaki NagashimaCores Co., Ltd. Development Department

Latest Update of a Component System Suitable for Embedded Systems (TECS): Spread Period of TECS

Takuya AzumiOsaka University Graduate School of Engineering Science Assistant Professor

The activities introduction of Automotive Platform Consortium

Tadashi SakamotoNagoya University Graduate School of Information Science Center for Embedded Computing Systems Designated Professor

Understanding TOPPERS Third Generation Kernels

Hiroaki TakadaTOPPERS Project / Nagoya University Chairman / Professor

14:00-17:00 Special Session C-3 Annex Hall 2F [F206] » 事前登録フォームへ

YRP Track

Features of Wi-SUN compared with other Wireless Standards, - The latest Wireless Technology Trend -

Nobuo NakajimaThe University of Electro-Communications Specialy Appointed Professor

Interoperable standards-based communications for IOT Applications - Security and Protocol challenges

Phil BeecherWi-SUN Alliance Chairman

Future prospects of the Wi-SUN in the global market For Japanese companies to survive in the IoT global market

Tsuge AkiraYRP-IOT Co.,Ltd. Wi-SUN Use Promotion Center Director

A key learning points of the use case in the industrial field of Wi-SUN

Yoshihiro IzumiNissin Systems Co., Ltd. Industrial Solution Business Division Busines Marketing Office Senior Chief

Case Studies of Utilization of Cloud-based M2M Platform and Wi-SUN

Masanori HiramaISB Corporation Business Development Department Business Development Adviser

14:10-15:10 IPA Seminar IPA-3 Annex Hall 2F [F203] » 事前登録フォームへ
14:55-16:35 JASA Global Forum 2015 JF-2 Annex Hall 2F [F205] » 事前登録フォームへ

The Trainning and Utilization of Chinese IT Talents by Sino-Japan Cooperation


Partnership with Vietnamese Engineers

Kazutoshi YokohamaSHIN-TALK.CO.,LTD.

Training of Myanmar Bilingual IT Engineers and Supporting Globalization of Japanese Companies

Tomoyuki IwanagaGlobal Innovation Consulting Inc. Managing Director

Panel session

Discuss based on your questionnaire

15:00-16:30 Panel Session P-1 Conference Center 5F [501] » 事前登録フォームへ

For the IoT era, can Japan survive?

Moderator: Kiichiro TamaruInformation-technology Promotion Agency, Japan Sofutware Reliability Enhancement Center, Technology Headquuarters Chief Advisor

Panelists: Kazuo KajimotoPanasonic Corporation Groupwide CTO Office Senior Councilor of Groupwide Software Strategy

Panelists: Satoshi KikuchiMISAWA HOMES CO., LTD Corporate Planning Division. New Business Development Office Senior Executive Staff

Panelists: Seiko ShirasakaKeio University Graduate School of System Design and Management

Panelists: Akio TokudaRitsueikan University, Faculty of Business Sdministration Professor

Panelists: Yann GallaisCEA Tech Japan Office Deputy Representative

15:00-15:45 Programmable Devices Track PD-5 Annex Hall 2F [F202] » 事前登録フォームへ

Altera SoC FPGA Updates and Cutting Edge Applications Intelligent Vision: High Performance Video Processing and Analytics

Takayuki OyamaAltera Japan, LTD. Marketing Department Product Marketing Manager

Daisuke YoshidaAltera Corporation Partner & Solutions Marketing Solutions Marketing Manager

15:00-17:00 Special Session C-4 Conference Center 5F [502]  » 事前登録フォームへ

Case study of new value creation of R&D technology based on Human Centered Design. A case of "ChimeCa".

Yoshitaka UrataniYamaha Corporation Intelligent Music System Group, Development Department 1, Research & Development Division Assistant Manager

Approach and techniques for HCD in Sysmex

Shunsuke AriyoshiSysmex Corporation Hemostasis Product Engineering Product Development Group Senior Engineer

Toshiba's Approaches to UX Design Methods

Tatsuyuki MikamiTOSHIBA Corporation Design Department 1, Design Center Senior Manager

Realization of UX design development based on the IoT Practice of UX design by Experience Vision and HOTMOCK rapid prototyping

Katsumi TakahashiHOLON CREATE Inc. President/Interfit Producer

Utilize Human Centered Design and Design Thinking

Kazuhiko YamazakiChiba Institute of Technology Department of Design, Professor

15:20-16:20 IPA Seminar IPA-4 Annex Hall 2F [F203] » 事前登録フォームへ

System Fault diagnosis methods for Large & Complex Embedded Systems Integrated approach for embedded system safety analysis and fault diagnosis/STAMP

Shigeru KanemotoThe University of Aizu School of Computer Science and Engineering/ IPA/SEC System Fault Diagnosis WG IPA/SEC System Safety Analysis WG Dr. Eng. Professor/Chair of WG

16:00-16:45 Programmable Devices Track PD-6 Annex Hall 2F [F202] » 事前登録フォームへ

Easy to start Altera MAX 10 FPGA development

Tetsuro FukuharaAltera Japan, LTD. Marketing Department Product Marketing Manager



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