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18th Program

18th Program AM PM


10:00-11:00 Special Lecture S-1 Conference Center 5F [501+502] » 事前登録フォームへ

The IoT will change Japanese embedded systems scene

Ken SakamuraThe University of Tokyo Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies Professor

10:00-11:30 ET Technical Session TS-1 Annex Hall 2F [F202] » 事前登録フォームへ

Cyber Security for Connected Vehicles - Issues and Activities

Hiroshi HayakawaDENSO CORPORATION DP-Cyber Security R&D Department, Basis Electronic Technology Unit General Manager

10:00-11:30 IoT Technical Session TSI-1 Annex Hall 2F [F206] » 事前登録フォームへ

Big Data Analytics for Internet of Things

Hiroshi MaruyamaResearch Organization of Information and Systems The Institute of Statistical Mathematics Department of Statistical Modeling Professor

10:00-10:45 Design and Verification Tool Track DVT-1 Annex Hall 2F [F204] » 事前登録フォームへ

Creating domain-specific languages and code generators that work Secret behind successful team

Yoshio AsanoFujisetsubi Corp Electronics Division COO

10:00-10:45 Robotics Session RT-1 Annex Hall 2F [F201] » 事前登録フォームへ

Development of Human Support Robot

Toru IsobeTOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION Partner Robot Div. Assistant Manager

10:30-11:30 Analog Upskilling Track AS-1 Annex Hall 2F [F203] » 事前登録フォームへ

TI's sensor solutions for IoT

Yoshiki HaradaTexas Instruments Japan Limited Sales&Applications TSR

10:00-13:00 Special Session C-1 Annex Hall 2F [F205] » 事前登録フォームへ

Embedded Software Development using Programming Language mruby more effective software development

Tanaka KazuakiKyushu Institute of Technology Faculty of Computer Science and Systems Engineering Associate Professor

Latest use cases of mruby for your reference, how mruby is used on products

Hiromasa IshiiSCSK Kyushu Cooporation Embedded System Division Manager

Awsome tips to use mruby How to use mruby on your products

Hiroshi MimakiSCSK Kyushu Cooporation Embedded System Division

11:00-11:45 Design and Verification Tool Track DVT-2 Annex Hall 2F [F204] » 事前登録フォームへ

Turning point of Software Configuration Management You need to check your Software Configuration Management, don't you?

Kikuo OkanoTOYO Corporation Software Solution Sales Manager Perforce Certified Consultant

11:00-11:45 Robotics Session RT-2 Annex Hall 2F [F201] » 事前登録フォームへ

Development of humanoid robot with "V-Sido"

Wataru YoshizakiAsratec Corp. Chief robot creator

11:45-12:45 Analog Upskilling Track AS-2 Annex Hall 2F [F203] » 事前登録フォームへ

Key Analog Technologies, Enabling High-Performance Digital Switching Circuits

Yasuhiro YamadaSTMicroelectronics K.K. IMS Competence Center


12:00-13:00 Keynote Session K-1 Conference Center 5F [501] » 事前登録フォームへ

Safety Infrastructure technology trend of the vehicle control system that targeted to an automated driving The second edition of ISO 26262 and Cybersecurity

Shigeyuki KawanaJapan Automobile Manufacturers Association, INC. Electronics Subcommittee Working Leader

12:00-13:30 ET Technical Session TS-2 Annex Hall 2F [F202] » 事前登録フォームへ

Embedded Linux Development, Technical skill and technology trend.  Switch from "Make it" to "Manage it well".

Shiro KiuchiForty Six Lab. LLC. Management Director/Owner

12:00-13:30 IoT Technical Session TSI-2 Annex Hall 2F [F206] » 事前登録フォームへ

Deep Learning based image recognition and its applications

Takayoshi YamashitaChubu University Computer Science Department Lecturer

12:00-12:45 Design and Verification Tool Track DVT-3 Annex Hall 2F [F204] » 事前登録フォームへ

Software development technology in the multicore era

Akira NodomiOscar Technology Corporation Engineering Division, R&D Department Executive Engineer

12:00-12:45 Robotics Session RT-3 Annex Hall 2F [F201] » 事前登録フォームへ

Trends in International Standardization in Robotic Technology The latest information in ISO and OMG

Kenichi NakamuraUpwind Technology, Inc. President

12:00-16:40 Private Conference PAI-1 Conference Center 3F [311+312] » 事前登録フォームへ

A. I. Corporation

13:00-14:00 Analog Upskilling Track AS-3 Annex Hall 2F [F203] » 事前登録フォームへ

Low-Power Analog Techniques for Maximizing Battery Life in Embedded-Control Systems

Toshikazu Ishida Microchip Technology Japan K.K. Senior Field Application Engineer

13:00-13:45 Design and Verification Tool Track DVT-4 Annex Hall 2F [F204] » 事前登録フォームへ

It arranges once again, Various debugging technique

Toshihiro WakatsukiKyoto Microcomputer Co., Ltd. Engineer

13:00-15:00 (tentative) Study Session GG-1 Conference Center 3F [313+314] » 事前登録フォームへ

Coming soon !

13:15-14:15 Special Lecture S-2 Conference Center 5F [502] » 事前登録フォームへ

Revolution in the air by small unmanned aircraft

Shinji SuzukiThe University of Tokyo School of Engineering Professor

13:30-14:15 IoT Track IoT-1 Annex Hall 2F [F205] » 事前登録フォームへ

Things WILL be connected IoT will become reality with Wireless Sensor Devices for Big Data

Kiyoe NagayaCypress Semiconductor Corp. Analog Business Unit Vice President

13:30-14:00 JASA Technical Seminar JG-1 Annex Hall 2F [F201] » 事前登録フォームへ

OpenEL, A Hardware Abstraction Layer for Robotic Technology

Manabu KomataUpwind Technology, Inc. Engineering Department Software Engineer

14:00-15:30 IoT Technical Session TSI-3 Annex Hall 2F [F206] » 事前登録フォームへ

The Protection and Utilization of Personal Information in the IoT Era IoT and Revision of Act on the Protection of Personal Information

Ichiro SatohNational Institute of Informatics Professor

14:00-14:45 Design and Verification Tool Track DVT-5 Annex Hall 2F [F204] » 事前登録フォームへ

How to reduce the budget for prototype ECU under the MBD process

Shigeru SasakidSPACE Japan K.K. Solution Engineering Department Director of Solution Engineering

14:00-14:45 Programmable Devices Track PD-1 Annex Hall 2F [F202] » 事前登録フォームへ

Innovation of Core architecture & 3D integration for "Acceleration"

Eiji HashizumeAltera Japan, LTD. Marketing Department Sr. Product Marketing Manager

14:10-14:40 JASA Technical Seminar JG-2 Annex Hall 2F [F201] » 事前登録フォームへ

Coming soon !

Shozo TakeokaAXE, Inc. C.E.O

14:30-15:30 Special Lecture S-3 Conference Center 5F [501] » 事前登録フォームへ

Problems and Policies on Embedded System Industry

Shoji WatanabeMinistry of Economy, Trade and Industry, METI Information Service Industry Division Director

14:30-15:15 IoT Track IoT-2 Annex Hall 2F [F205] » 事前登録フォームへ

The trend of technologies and business for IoT Market

Masahiro SanoUbiquitous Corporation President

14:50-15:30 JASA Technical Seminar JG-3 Annex Hall 2F [F201] » 事前登録フォームへ

Technique of revival of the Legacy cord by the reverse modeling

Takeda AkihikoCATS CO., LTD Sales Director, Senior Expert

15:00-15:45 Design and Verification Tool Track DVT-6 Annex Hall 2F [F204] » 事前登録フォームへ

Challenges in functional consolidation and embedded virtualization technology

Yuri EllisonMentor Graphics Japan Co., Ltd. Marketing Division Marketing Communication

15:00-15:45 Programmable Devices Track PD-2 Annex Hall 2F [F202] » 事前登録フォームへ

Reducing Software Requirements in Embedded Designs

Kent SohMicrochip Technology Japan K.K. Principal Field Application Engineer

15:30-16:30 Analog Upskilling Track AS-5 Annex Hall 2F [F203] » 事前登録フォームへ

The latest developments of board development technique for semiconductor stable operation, external interface/noise regulations

Satoshi IkedaRITA Electronics, Ltd. Sales Division Consultant

15:30-16:15 IoT Track IoT-3 Annex Hall 2F [F205] » 事前登録フォームへ

Internet of Everything Development using AllJoyn Framework

Nobuyuki UchidaQualcomm Japan Inc. Standards & Industory Organizations Director, Engineering

15:40-16:10 JASA Technical Seminar JG-4 Annex Hall 2F [F201] » 事前登録フォームへ

Trial of agile software development and its study


15:45-16:45 Special Lecture S-4 Conference Center 5F [502] » 事前登録フォームへ

IoT technology trends and future prospects

Kazushige FujitaMinistry of Internal Affairs and Communications Standardization Division Director

16:00-16:45 Design and Verification Tool Track DVT-7 Annex Hall 2F [F204] » 事前登録フォームへ

Construction techniques and the effects of practical process for securing traceability in embedded software development

Yuuki ShimizuYokogawa Digital Computer Corporation Embedded Solution Business Headquarters. Quality Verification Tools Gr. Technical Manager

16:00-16:45 Programmable Devices Track PD-3 Annex Hall 2F [F202] » 事前登録フォームへ

Functional Verification and Coverage, in FPGA Design

Akio MitsuhashiMentor Graphics Japan Co., Ltd. Marketing Division Director

16:20-16:50 JASA Technical Seminar JG-5 Annex Hall 2F [F201] » 事前登録フォームへ

Exploration of approach for complete d development requirement

Yasutoshi KaiseSafety Improvement Committee SSQ WG



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