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Privacy Policy

The handling of personal information at EdgeTech+ West 2024 event organized by Japan Embedded Systems Technology Association (hereafter called "the events") are entrusted to NANO OPT Media, Inc. as the Management Office for the events.

NANO OPT Media will protect the personal information of attendees for the events (both online and offline) organized and operated by the NANO OPT Media as follows. All attendees are required to register to participate the event. For those who registered will be automatically registered for the NANO OPT Media membership as well. If you do not go through the entry procedure (including provision of your personal information), you cannot enter the Events. Thank you for your understanding.

About handling of personal information

  1. The office will oversee the handling of personal information at the events to ensure that it is managed appropriately in accordance with its own Privacy Policy and Privacy Statement. Please read our Privacy Policy.
  2. The personal information registered will be used to manage the operation of the event, to provide information on the next event, to provide information on various events and information related to the organizer, to provide information on events and various seminars related to the industry, and to distribute e-mail. In addition, the information will be used to send direct mailings by mail or e-mail, to provide delivery agency services, or to provide information by telephone regarding events, exhibitions, conferences, and information on visiting companies organized and operated by NANO OPT Media, Inc.
  3. In the venue of events, we adopt barcode systems for visitor entrance management. If your own barcode printed on your badge is read at exhibitor booth, your personal information that you are going to resister will be given to the exhibitor. After your barcode is read, your personal information will be managed under each exhibitor and occasionally, it will be used for introducing you their products, services, and seminars.
    When you register for any seminar or conference held within the events, your personal information including your name, company, postal code, address, title, phone number, fax number and email address may be provided to *the sponsor companies and organizations of those seminars.
  4. By entering the event, all visitors and all persons entering including related parties, are consented to being filmed and photographed. this videos and photographs may be used for promotion/marketing material across all our various websites and in print media.
  5. When you visit the web page of exhibitor‘s company and their products and services introduction**, then your personal information will be provided to that exhibitor. And you visit the exhibitor`s seminar website (to watch a video and/or download materials, etc.), your personal information will be provided to the exhibitor conducting that session*.
  6. The sponsor companies and the organizations of those seminars are the companies and the organizations that provide sessions, and they are not always the companies and the organizations that the speaker of session belongs. If the sponsor companies or the organizations of those seminars are located in a foreign country, your personal information may be provided to a third party in a foreign country.
  7. These companies will be responsible for your personal information and may send you information on their products or services based on their privacy policies.
  8. The Office may outsource the handling of personal information to the extent necessary to achieve its utilization purpose including the sending of notices and information, etc. In such cases, the Management Office will ensure that personal information is handled appropriately. In addition, such outsourcing may accompany providing the personal information to a third party in a foreign country.

*The sponsor companies and the organizations of those seminars are the companies and the organizations that provide sessions, and they include the companies and the organizations that the speaker of session belongs, the supporting companies and the organizations of those seminars, and the partner companies and the organizations of those seminars, regardless of whether they are listed in the event brochure or on the event webpage.

** Personal information will be provided to exhibitors only when you visit the exhibitors’ website while being logged in to My Page.

Prohibited Acts

Attendees shall not engage in any of the following acts when Attending an Event:

  1. Acts that we deem inappropriate in light of the nature of the Event or those that we deem to hinder the smooth operation of Events such as those that cause nuisance to exhibitors (including companies sponsoring lectures; the same shall apply hereinafter) and other Attendees;
  2. Acts besides those prescribed in the preceding items that cause nuisance to our company, exhibitors, or other Attendees;
  3. Acts that violate the law, are contrary to public order and morals, infringe upon or violate the intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, honor and other rights or interests of our company or a third party (including exhibitors and other Attendees; the same shall apply hereinafter), other wrongful conduct, criminal acts, or any acts related to each of the preceding;
  4. The act of reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, duplicating, modifying, adapting, adding, processing, or changing systems, networks, software, facilities, devices and equipment necessary for holding or operating Events, or technical information related to each of the preceding (hereinafter, “the System”);
  5. The act of accessing the System for the following purposes:
    • to measure availability, performance, and functionality of the System or other benchmarking;
    • for competing purposes such as developing products or services that compete with Events or the System; or
    • to copy Event or System features, functions, or graphics;
  6. Acts that place an excessive load on the System;
  7. Acts that hinder or may hinder the management and operation of Events or the System.
  8. The act of gaining unauthorized access, intruding, hacking or cracking the System, or attempting to do so;
  9. Acts that interfere with or disrupt the accuracy, completeness, safety, utility, legality, or performance of Events, the System, or third party data contained in the System;
  10. The act of using the ID or password of another Attendee or exhibitor, impersonating a third party, or using the name of another party or a fictitious name to Attend Events;
  11. The act of engaging in advertising, solicitation, or business activities at Events or on the System;
  12. The act of collecting the information (including registration and personal information) of other Attendees or the information of exhibitors that is contrary to the intent of the Event;
  13. Any acts that cause disadvantage, damage, loss, or discomfort to our company or a third party;
  14. The act of storing, transmitting, sending, or enabling the transmission of information that corresponds to or that we deem corresponds to any of the following:
    • information containing overly violent or cruel expressions;
    • information containing computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, time bombs, spyware, and other harmful computer programs;
    • information containing expressions that damage the honor or credibility of our company or a third party;
    • information containing overly obscene expressions;
    • information containing expressions that encourage discrimination;
    • information containing expressions that encourage suicide or self-harm;
    • information containing expressions that encourage the improper use of drugs;
    • information containing expressions that cause discomfort to others;
    • information for dating strangers of the opposite sex;
    • information that requires the spread of information to third parties such as chain mail; or
    • information containing antisocial expressions.
  15. Acts that are suspected of providing benefits to, fostering the activities of, or contributing to the operation of antisocial forces such as organized crime groups;
  16. Acts that violate or may violate the rules of Events or the rules regarding the use of the System;
  17. Acts that directly or indirectly cause or facilitate each of the preceding acts; or
  18. Any other acts that we deem to be inappropriate.

If we have deemed that an Attendee may be engaging in any of the acts prescribed above, then we may check the Attendee’s usage situation, etc. and take measures that we deem appropriate including canceling the Attendee’s registration (although we are under no obligation to take such measures). In addition, we assume no liability for damages in the event such measures have caused damage, loss, or expenses to the Attendees, exhibitors, or other third parties.

February 29, 2024

NANO OPT Media, Inc.