Focus on “Edge Technology”, dedicated to the hottest hi-tech trends of the market.

As IoT is preparing to transform the way we live, from work to entertainment to transportation, change is afoot in the world of embedded systems too.

To take full advantage of the synergies of Embedded Systems & IoT Technology, we designed 4 specialized areas dedicated to the hottest hi-tech trends of the market, featuring the leading cutting-edge technologies and solutions.

Embedded AI

Deep learning is breathing new life into AI research and sparks the third AI boom. This Zone focus on the latest AI technology for Embedded / IoT devices.

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Smart Sensing

The IoT couldn't exist without smart sensors. This zone featuring a diverse range of sensing technologies for various industries.

IoT Wireless Technology

More than 30 billion devices will wirelessly connected to the Internet of Things in 2020. You can find the latest wireless standard and devices that meet the standards here.

Safty & Security

We're at a crisis point now with regard to the security of embedded systems. Safety & Security Zone aims for a comprehensive, systems view of device security.

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