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ET Exhibitors Guidelines

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For Exhibitor

Exhibition Fee

Booth Size/Exhibition Fee
1 Booth size : 3m x 3m = 9sq.m
1 to 3 booth(s) : 464,400 yen / per booth(*tax included)
4 booths or more : 442,800 yen / per booth(*tax included)
* 1 to 3 booth(s) [single-line booth(s)]: Back and side walls will be installed.
* 4 booths or more : SPACE ONLY for island booths. Otherwise, walls will be installed between the adjacent booths.
Booth Rental (Optional)
Shell Scheme Package
Standard Plan for 9 sqm
108,000 yen (tax included)

Application for Exhibition

Application will be officially accepted at the time the Secretariat receives the application form. The Organizer reserves the right to decide appropriateness for the exhibiting products or services of the applicant.

How to Apply

Please fill out and sign the application form and mail it to the Secretariat. A fax submission of the application form is also acceptable.

* Please make sure to duplicate both sides of this application form for your copy.

Application Deadline

Application form shall be received by the Secretariat no later than
June 30 (TUE.), 2015.
* Applications will be regrettably declined if all booths are fully booked.

Payment for Exhibition Fee

Invoice will be issued upon receiving an application form. Please deposit the exhibition fee to the bank account designated on invoice by the payment deadline.
Note: Payments are accepted only in Japanese Yen drawn on a local Japanese bank branch.

Alteration and Cancellation

Alteration and cancellation are not permitted once the application has been accepted by the Secretariat unless the Organizer makes a special exception which is at its sole discretion. In such cases, the following cancellation fee shall be imposed, according to the date that therequest is notified, as follows.

50% of the Exhibition Fee : Until August 16 (Sun.), 2015
100% of the Exhibition Fee : After August 17 (Mon.), 2015

Booth Allocation

Booth allocation will be determined by the Organizer based on specification of the floor plan.

Application for Co-Exhibitors

Specific application form needs to be submitted for registering co-exhibitors. The information of the coexhibitors that the Secretariat accepts will also be on the official guidebook and website.

Note: You need to apply for at least 1 booth for yourself and each of your co-exhibitors.
(For example, if you apply for 3 booths, the maximum number of co-exhbitors is only 2.)

Cancellation of the Exhibition

In the event of unavoidable contingencies such as natural disaster, the Organizer may postpone the exhibition period or cancel the exhibition. The Organizer shall not be responsible for any loss or damages, increase in expenses, and other liabilities caused by such changes or cancellation.



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