ET 2019 & IoT Technology 2019

Startup Pavilion

Pavilion for global start-ups to accelerate open innovation!!

The business environment of start-up companies is in place, and the response to open innovation by companies is changing.

This exhibition focuses on 50 startup companies in Japan and overseas, and actively supports partnerships between companies, product and technology alliances, and networking with key persons.

Scene of 2018 in the booth and Presentation

As start-ups are changing the rules of most of the industries, a new era for entrepreneurs and start-ups has begun.

To accelerate open innovation, we started this special pavilion this year gathering 30 start-ups drawing most attention from all around the world. Our start-ups will not only showcase their latest product / services, but also give short presentation at main stage and presentation stage within the pavilion.

Pavilion Exhibitors

Exhibitors of this pavilion will showcase their best technology & solutions here, such as AI, Robotics, Smart energy, Sensing, etc.

Please check below for the exhibitors list:

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