ET 2018 & IoT Technology 2018

Organizer’s Pavilion

A special zone provided by the organizer to firsthand experience the latest technology!

  • Organizer’s Pavilion
  • Edge Ai
  • Edge Computing
  • Haptics

Experience a “super smart society” (Society 5.0) here!

The organizer’s pavilion is especially provided by the organizer of ET/IoT Technology show to showcase the latest technology indispensable towards the development of edge technology.

Exhibit is focusing on 4 areas, gathering players drawing most attention from the industry and is also linked with our conference program.

It will be the best experience to attend related conferences and visit this pavilion together!

Pickup Theme

Organizer’s Pavilion

Edge Ai

Edge Computing


Exhibition company

  • Ascent Robotics
  • Leap Mind
  • Re-al

Introduction of Theme

Organizer’s Pavilion

Deep learning AI for autonomous cars provided by Ascent Robotics.


Remote haptics finishing system [Real Avatar] provided by Re-al.

Visitor online pre-registration or Invitation Letter is required.