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Embedded System Industry Promotion Organization

Embedded Systems Industry Promotion Organization" (ESIP) has been established in 2010 as an unincorporated association based on industry-academia-government collaboration to address the issues related to the embedded system industry.

Currently, we have 109 member companies and organizations.

We contribute to the embedded system industry's development through the activities, such as the advanced embedded system engineer training program "Kumikomi Tekijuku", the onsite exhibitions which member companies visit certain company for collaborations, the business model competition "WINK" using IoT technologies, and various seminars.

We are going to exhibit as a joint booth with 4 member companies, showcase the products, introduce activities, and make technical presentations of each member company.

Exhibited Products / Services Classification

  • AI
  • IoT
  • Safety & Security
  • Wireless
  • Embedded Hardware / Semiconductor Device
  • Embedded Software
  • Development Environment
  • Development Assistance

Application Fields

  • Manufacturing FA (Manufacturing Industry Related)
  • Semiconductor Design and Manufacturing
  • Automotive (Automobile and Transportation Related)
  • Medical Care
  • Social Infrastructure
  • Telecommunications
  • Mobile / Smart Devices
  • Retail / Distribution
  • Home Appliances / AV / Amusement
  • Municipality
  • Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries
  • Smart Energy
  • Aviation / Space
  • Sports
  • No Specific Field of Application


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Embedded System Industry Promotion Organization

Room031030, A-2 Bldg., AIST Kansai, 1-8-31 Midorigaoka, Ikeda, Osaka, 563-8577, Japan