2022 autumn “The 22nd Japan Plug Fest”

  1. Date
    December 1st (Thu) to 2nd (Fri) 2022 from 10:00(AM) to 20:00(PM)
    ※ Event will be held for 2 days.
    ※ The time schedule may be changed depending on the number of participating teams.
  2. Venue
    Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute Structure
    Access  Map
    ※ The location of the gathering party on the first day may be announced later
  3. test subject
  4. Entry Qualification
    HDMI applied equipment manufacturer, or those cable manufacturer
  5. Participation Fee
    22,000 JPY per person (including tax)
  6. Registration
    There are two web forms: “Team Registration” and “Equipment Registration”.
    After  applying (1) Team Registration, please register (2) Equipment
    Registration with each products as well.

    Note: Please register all devices to be used for the test. For example,
    if you are planning to test 3 devices,  please register 3 times on (2) Equipment Registration.
    (1) Team Registration
    (2) Product Registration