ET 2018 & IoT Technology 2019

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スマートライフを劇的に変えるアルファ・セミコンのIoTソリューション さまざまな分野での活用が可能、小型軽量、省エネタイプ

The Big Obstacle Which Prevents Smart Homes, and IOT Trend From Wide Spreading, Lies In The Lack Of Proper Smart Sensor Technology. Existing Sensors Are Not Friendly, Bulky, Diversified, And From Century Old Technologies. Different Sensors Have To Be Purchased From Different Sources, And It Is Not Easy To Integrate. eZii Sensors With Disruptive Patented Technology Can Resolve This Problem Once For All. It Replaces All Legacy Sensors With Minimum Sizes And Power. Thus Enable The Usage Of Batteries, Operating Over One Year Time. Unlike Most Smart Home Power Plug Solutions, ASK601 Sensors Detect Directly Life Saving Data, Such As Intrusion, Body Movements, Health Care, Poison Gas, Flooding Water, Stove Fire, And Much More... eZii Smart Inc. Overcomes Big Obstacles, and Creates Big Business Opportunities.

Mark P. Huang

Chairman & CEO, Administration, Marketing, Alfaplus Semiconductor Inc.


Dr. Mark P. Huang, Chairman and CEO of Alfaplus Semiconductor Inc. With a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from UCLA, Mark has extensive research and management experience at US companies AMCC and TRW, California. Later he was an associate professor at NCTU in Taiwan. In 1988 he founded Tamarack Microelectronic Inc (TMI), focusing on Graphic and Networking chipsets. In 2001, Mark merged TMI to become ICPLUS, to engage in the Gigabit Ethernet Switch chip market. He serves as a board member. ICPLUS went IPO in 2006. In 2002, Mark founded Alfaplus Semiconductor Inc. to focus on Wireless Audio and Sensor chip solutions. He holds 16 patents and has published some international journals.

光学トラッキング・センサ技術の紹介と応用 AIを駆使し、光学及びイメージング技術の応用した物体や移動検出技術


山井 正敏

ピックスアート・イメージング 東京オフィス テクニカル・プロジェクト・マネージャー



センチメートル単位で測位可能な室内測位技術 AI IoTを活用した介護、医療分野への応用

The healthcare has become one of the vital issue based on the situation of population aging in the global world. With the advanced in IoT technology, Smart Healthcare is the priority to develop to alleviate the situation. STARWING, the leading BLE indoor positioning system provider in Taiwan, combine IIPS and AI data analysis to help the medical facilities to improve the management efficiency and lower the probability of accident by doing the personnel/assets management, GEO Fencing, security surveillance and behavior analysis, etc. It can provide a highly intelligent and safe care space to make the medical care environment more comprehensive and convenient.

Jason Lin

Sales Manager, Sales Department, 天奕科技


Jason Lin, the sales manager of STARWING, has worked in Fuji Xerox, YUEN FOONG YU Group, with over 10 years working experience in the industry. He is expert in exploiting overseas market, information system planning and project management.