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Company profile:
ioNetworks INC. is a professional developer of video management software, AI (Deep learning) based video analytics and recording servers focusing on high end projects, large scale bids and cloud video services.

Product introduction 1 : EZ Match Number
EZ Match Number is artificial intelligent Video Analytics Solutions - Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) based face recognition system combining Pytorch, Tensorflow, Caffe2 and unique mathematic matrix and calibration tool for the data pre-processing to highly enhance the accuracy.

Product introduction 2 : Fisheye image AI-based video analytics system
Through the fisheye camera, a wide range of traffic is detected and counted in all directions to understand the congestion at the intersection.
Through the AI artificial intelligence deep learning mechanism can provide the necessary information for decision makers to improve traffic planning.

Product introduction 3 : AI Traffic Violation Detection System
Through the road camera, the traffic conditions of each road section are detected, and the AI artificial intelligence is used to analyze the vehicle's traveling state and the traffic signal number, and various traffic violations can be detected.


  • オートモティブ
  • 家電/AV/アミューズメント
  • FA
  • 新通信/モバイル/ネットワーク
  • スマートエネルギー
  • 社会インフラ
  • 医療/介護
  • ロジスティックス
  • 農林/水産/鉱業
  • 航空/宇宙
  • 金融(銀⾏/証券/保険など)



ioNetworks INC.