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Since its founding in 1987, Innotech Corporation has embraced a corporate mission to collaborate and develop with American and European companies, achieving success and accomplishing goals working in partnership with our customers, through introducing the American and European companies’ advanced technologies to the electronics industry in Japan. By maintaining close communication with our customers, we have established a deep trusting relationship with our customers by sharing the product concept, understanding individual requirements of our customers and presenting the most suitable solutions to them.

Our approach in helping our customers overcome their challenges has never changed. Being a total solution provider leveraging our technical expertise, Innotech merges its technical resources, sales resources and management and administrative resources at an unprecedented level, and provide highly value-added services in each business area, such as EDA software, IC Semiconductors and ASIC designs, boards and systems, HDDs, testers and probe cards. Also, Innotech encourages its group companies and subsidiaries to further enhance their engineering skills and originalities, so that Innotech Group as a whole provides the highest level of customer satisfaction.

As the world economy remains slow, the electronics industry in Japan needs to evolve drastically and make some critical decisions. Innotech, with our deep experience in the semiconductor business, sees all the business opportunities from emerging breakthrough services involving cloud computing and big data, and Innotech is inspired and motivated by the unlimited business possibilities and prospects which are presented by the cutting-edge technologies. From users' perspective, in addition to pursuing usability and comfort, now the entertainment aspect is becoming also very important and we expect that such new demand will expand the horizon for various electronics technologies in terms of their versatile use and application.
Innotech, with its slogan of being the "EDS(Electronics Design Service)" company, will keep striving to remain as the most trusted partner of our customers, leveraging its skills in the area of "designs" in the electronics industry. We will continue our so-called "Inntech-style challenges", believing that the direction we are heading for is the best one to achieve our future even bigger success. We appreciate your continued support and advice.

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