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Morisawa has been provided high quality typefaces in various services from the analog to the digital era along with a corporate motto “Contributing to society through typography.”
Morisawa fonts, which have been very well received for their elegant appearance and excellent readability in the field of embedding in printing industry. Those fonts are used in a variety of display devices, IoT, home electrical appliances, in-vehicle units, medical equipment, regardless to B2B or B2C.

Multilingual Universal Design (UD) font
Universal Design (UD) font has been developed with three design concepts, legibility, readability and recognizability of letters. We would like to introduce our multilingual UD fonts, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Hangul and Latin.

Fonts for 4K & 8K broadcasting (Corresponds to ARIB)
We would like to introduce fonts which are corresponding to ARIB STD-B62/ARIB STD-B24 standard prescribed by ARIB (Association of Radio Industries and businesses). These fonts, with high readability, are well-suited for EPG (digital program guide) and/or fonts for subtitles. (ARIB).

Fonts for in-vehicle units
We would like to introduce our UD fonts which is suitable for car navigation systems.

Chinese government-certified fonts
We would like to introduce various formats for customer who are considering exporting products to China.
In addition, Multilingual bitmap font, TrueType font, OpenType font, Scalable font, and “Layout Engine” will be exhibited.

Applicable field

  • Automotive
  • Consumer electronics / AV / Amusement
  • New communication / Mobile / Network
  • FA
  • Smart Energy
  • Social Infrastructure
  • Medical / Nursing care
  • Logistics
  • Agriculture / Fisheries / Mining
  • Aerospace
  • Finance (bank / securities / insurance)


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