ET 2018 & IoT Technology 2018
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Hokkaido Council for Automotive Safety and Technology

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[Development support tool][Test and verification services][Local Goverments/ Community Action Organizations ]

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In Hokkaido, we have organized a “Hokkaido Council for Automotive Safety and Technology” in an industry-government-academia collaboration to contribute to automobile research and development (R&D), and a “One-Stop Consultation Office” for its further R&D at the secretariat in this council which locates at the Hokkaido Government Office.
In this office, we can consult various matters about the R&D and others with you, and comprehensively coordinate the necessary procedures in conducting verification tests with the authorities concerned such as a police station, a road administrator, a local government, and a research organization.
Use of this office allows you to perform an efficient/simple procedure. We welcome your use of our service.

One-Stop Consultation Office can:
- Notify the verification tests on public roads previously to the police based on a guideline of the National Police Agency.
- Provide the coordination such as selecting proper areas of the verification tests off public roads and necessary procedures with relevant facilities managers.
- Provide a database as a supporting tool to efficiently examine proper areas for the verification tests on/off public roads.

Applicable field

  • Automotive
  • Consumer electronics / AV / Amusement
  • New communication / Mobile / Network
  • FA
  • Smart Energy
  • Social Infrastructure
  • Medical / Nursing care
  • Logistics
  • Agriculture / Fisheries / Mining
  • Aerospace
  • Finance (bank / securities / insurance)


Hokkaido Government Building 9F, Kita 3-jo Nishi 6-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 060-8588 Japan