ET 2018 & IoT Technology 2018
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Teledyne LeCroy Japan Corporation

Booth No.

[Measurement & Instruments(Oscilloscope, Analyzer, Analytical instrument,Signal generator etc.)]

Exhibit Highlights

Recent mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and IoT are progressing in low voltage, high speed and high integration due to the requirement of low power consumption and high-speed processing. Teledyne LeCroy, working on embedded technology, will exhibit an oscilloscope that can check the integrity of broadband and low voltage signals necessary for the development of such equipment, and a protocol analyzer essential for debugging the protocol layer. We will also introduce probing examples for the high-density circuit board.

Power supply noise analyzer
We'll exhibit the Power rail probe RP4030 with 4GHz bandwidth capable of precisely observing the ripple of the power rail in the embedded device which has become lower voltage and more easily affected by disturbance and Power supply analyzer; WavePro HD realizing 12bit high resolution and 8GHz bandwidth.

USB3.1 compatible protocol analyzer
We'll also showcase protocol analyzers covering the latest USB standard such as USB3.1 and PowerDelivery3.0 for Japanese customers. If you have devices which have Type-C connector, you can try to test it quickly at our booth.

PCI Express protocol analyzer
It is now necessary to use PCI Express in embedded design. It is challenges for all engineers who work on design, evaluation, and maintenance. Teledyne LeCroy proposes the solution for issues occurs in the debug scene among the protocol layer and physical layer evaluation.

Applicable field

  • Automotive
  • Consumer electronics / AV / Amusement
  • New communication / Mobile / Network
  • FA
  • Smart Energy
  • Social Infrastructure
  • Medical / Nursing care
  • Logistics
  • Agriculture / Fisheries / Mining
  • Aerospace
  • Finance (bank / securities / insurance)


3F, Houbunshafuchu bldg, 3-11-5, Midori-cho, Fuchu-shi, TOKYO