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Lineo Solutions, Inc.

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[Linux][Integrated Development Environments][System House Design/Construction, System Integration]

Exhibit Highlights

Edge computing is one of the significant factors of “IoT”, and Linux has again attracted attention for its core technology. We will showcase flagship products, present services to support your product development, and give live demonstrations.

■”LinuxLink” Cloud-based development environment for embedded Linux developers
We will announce the next-generation LinuxLink service for the first time at ET2017.

■”Warp!!” Extreme ultrahigh-speed solution for Linux/Android systems
In combination with UserAPI, Warp!! enables even faster application start for your product.

■”Lineo uLinux ELITE” Integrated cross-development environment for embedded Linux
Introduce edge computing employed in factory automation.

■”Yocto/Corelinu Concierge” Guide you in the world of Yocto and Linux

Various and vast amounts of information including Yocto, Xenomai, and Gstreamer are stored and maintained in OSS.
You may find a key to be applied to your next product development.

Applicable field

  • Automotive
  • Consumer electronics / AV / Amusement
  • New communication / Mobile / Network
  • FA
  • Smart Energy
  • Social Infrastructure
  • Medical / Nursing care
  • Logistics
  • Agriculture / Fisheries / Mining
  • Aerospace
  • Finance (bank / securities / insurance)


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