ET 2018 & IoT Technology 2018
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Fujita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd

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[Embedded Platforms][Linux][System House Design/Construction, System Integration]

Exhibit Highlights

We focus on early development of the electronics industry and its future needs to be improved. Since 1979, we have advanced into the semiconductor field, and now we are responding to industry requests with various scenes.
Our electronic technology products are used in a wide range of fields including various FA systems and logistics equipment, and furthermore they are installed in various industrial products such as automatic transmission, car navigation system and so on. As the needs of electronic technology become complicated and demand is increasing rapidly, we will respond to new needs more precisely with the motto "High performance, high quality and low price" .
※ We fully demonstrate the functions of trading companies and strive to thoroughly provide necessary electronic devices when necessary.

This time, we exhibited embedded board (with OS) of MCU made by Renesas Electronics Corporation.
In addition to the conventional MCU [RX], demonstration of introduction, introduction of embedded board corresponding to mass production with ARZ core MCU [RZ / G, RZ / A, RZ / T] and [Synergy S7, S3] is introduced. Please come and visit us for coming soon.

Applicable field

  • Automotive
  • Consumer electronics / AV / Amusement
  • New communication / Mobile / Network
  • FA
  • Smart Energy
  • Social Infrastructure
  • Medical / Nursing care
  • Logistics
  • Agriculture / Fisheries / Mining
  • Aerospace
  • Finance (bank / securities / insurance)


3-5-5 Taiko Nakamura-ku Nagoya-shi Aichi, 435-0801, Japan