Embedded Technology & IoT Technology


ET/IoT Technology 2017

Support Program

Support Program


You can collect visitors and hold seminars and presentations.

Presentation program

Private Conference

Exhibitors can hold their own private conference at either Pacifico Yokohama Conference Hall or Annex Hall above the exhibition hall during the exhibition.

Open Stage Presentation

Exhibitors can give your own presentation at the main stage inside the exhibition hall to promote product or service. This service especially suits the exhibitors targeting new customers or cannot give presentations at their own booth due to limited booth space.

Fee 43,200 JPY (tax incl.) / presentation

※Picture of ET/IoT 2016 Main Stage

Open stage presentation total 29 frames

15th (Wed)16th (Thu)17th (Fri)
15:00〜15:209 31

Appeal exhibitors to many visitors

Pre-promotion program

Enclosed advertisement leaflets with the Invitation Letter

The organizer will deliver invitation letter of ET/IoT Technology Exhibition to related industry professionals signed up to our database. We provide the service to enclose the advertisement leaflets of exhibitors to 20,000 of our database to attract more visitors to your own booth.

Fee 540,000 JPY (tax incl.) per set (20,000 leaflets / set)

Banner ad on official website

Including both top page and individual pages.
* Banner will be posted from receiving banner data until the exhibition closes.

Fee 129,600 JPY (tax incl.)

Advertisement delivery through "ET/IoT Technology Mail News"

Advertisement delivery through「ET/IoT Technology Mail News」are available which will be distributed to about 75,000 professionals in embedded technology & IoT technology field.

Fee (per ad) Header Ad 129,600 JPY (tax incl.) / Center Ad 64,800 JPY (tax incl.)

Guide visitors to exhibiting booth

Advertisement placement program at the venue

Advertisement on the Floor Map & Hall Entrance Bulletin Board

Advertisement on the Floor Map distributed to visitors during the exhibition and 6 hall entrance bulletin board installed at each entrance are available. For the bulletin board advertisement, the secretariat will decide the location.

fee [Type 1]Logo size advertisement : 75,600 JPY (tax incl.) per space

fee [Type 2]Logo & products advertisement : 108,000 JPY (tax incl.) per space

※Left: Image of Floor Map / Center: Image of bulletin board / Right: Type 2 Image

Exhibition Hall Concourse Banner

Location: First floor concourse (1 space per zone X 6 zones)

Fee 129,600 JPY (tax incl.)

Advertisement on Pillar Signboards

Advertisement space on guidance signboards at the first floor is available as shown in the picture below.

Fee 162,000 JPY (tax incl.)

There are many programs other than the above!

Video report


Event Planning and Promotion


Secretariat of ET

Tel: +81-3-5657-0756

Secretariat of IoT

Tel: +81-3-5657-0756