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"Embedded Technology" consists of professional exhibitions and conferences featuring embedded technologies and solutions which are essential to cutting-edge technologies, such as digital home electrical appliances, mobile terminals, car electronics, robots, industrial machineries and so on.

Nonstop Innovation

Within the past few years, Embedded system technologies have become widely used in various fields of manufacturing both in consumers' and industrial use. Technologies which contribute to every industry's cutting-edge devices, such as information appliances, car electronics, control equipments, and robots, are making big impacts on the evolution of society. The "Embedded Technology Conference and Exhibition," which is held annually in the fall, offers engineers and managers in the embedded electronics community a good venue to review cutting-edge products and solutions.

Embedded Technology is one of the world's largest event which is specialized in EMBEDDED TECHNOLOGIES!!

The "Embedded Technology" show, which has a rich 27-year history, has grown into the world's largest professional exhibition in the embedded electronics field. Held at the modern and spacious Pacifico conference center, this key embedded electronics event should be a "must attend" on your trade show calendar.

The world"s leading companies exhibit at Embedded Technology

The Embedded Technology exhibition showcases the latest hot trends in the embedded electronics world. Visitors can visit and network with major semiconductor companies, processor vendors, OS, middle-ware, development tools, board computer, measurement hardware, and designs houses in Japan and Asia.

Embedded Technology offers information-packed, unique, and diverse conferences.

One of the notable features of the Embedded Technology show is highly-acclaimed conference program conducted by selected industry-leading companies. Keynote lectures and topical presentations by key companies, government agencies, and academic institutions provide a rich information cloud for the embedded electronics community. The organizers prepare panel discussions on advanced embedded electronics topics, technical sessions to highlight new development methods and solutions, and tutorial programs for next generation engineers. The world"s market leading companies in their fields hold private conferences, which introduces their latest products and presents key trends that will shape the future of embedded electronics.

Only Embedded Technology implements industry-government-academia affiliations, and collaboration with international organizations for standardization.

Embedded Technology promotes the growth and vitality of the embedded system industry by promoting collaborations with organizations for standardization from the ranks of key companies, consortia, academic groups, and official research institutes. Embedded Technology is unique from all other similar trade show in being able to bring industry, academia and government to work together for the benefit of the industry.

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