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ET Business Matching Program

Business Matching Program

ET Business Matching Program

In this year's ET, in order to respond to wide requests of exhibitors and visitors, we offer two programs. First one is matching 1 to 1 by the coordinator, and another is matching through the system. We will support the creation of opportunities for your meeting, during the exhibition.

① Multilateral business matching produced by “ICS Business Matching System”

All exhibitors and visitors are possible to contact with all who have registered to this system.
Mutual contacts made before the start of exhibition will make your visit more successful.
Appointment with the potential business partners can be made.

② Business Matching by Coordinator

We will investigate the needs of visitors, such as the product they want, solutions and issues. Based on that information, the coordinator who is familiar with the embedded industry will arrange the meeting opportunity for exhibitors and visitors to match their needs and solutions. We will support wide range of business matching such as purchasing goods as well as technical co-operation various needs. Please ask the secretariat for more information.

To join business matching by coordinator, register first for pre-registration.



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