Embedded Technology 2014
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Focus Exhibitors

Focus Exhibitors

Focus Exhibitors

BITS Co.,Ltd.


We have been involved in embedded software development over 30 years. We have a good reputation and long-term contracts from largest companies. In recent years, we work on our product development that can contribute to society with our slogan, ""System is made of the feelings of people, and technology"". By all means, please take in your hand and see our product, ""Sotto Line"" (a safety confirmation system for aged person living in the rural area ).

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Verification Technology, Inc.


Verification Technology,Inc.(Vtech)has been the leading LSI verification service provider in Japan achieving over 400 ASIC,ASSP,FPGA verification and design projects. Taking advantage of our various experiences,we launched the world's first embedded performance verification and debugging IP ""VARON"".

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Lauterbach Japan Ltd.


Lauterbach is the largest manufacturer of emulators and debuggers worldwide. The decision to make Lauterbach systems modular and to provide an open interface has meant that customers can protect their investment and guard against obsolescence. In this show, we will exhibit the latest solution for ARM Cortex, PowerArchitecture and RH850.

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Computex is an ""expert in development environment"". We develop, produce, and sell debugging tools used for debugging of the program in development of products using micro computer. Since the initiation, Computex has been specializing in solution to debugging process and have been providing user-friendly and effective debuggers. Also for the future, we will keep on enhancing the support for embedded Linux environment by developing the product to meet the user's needs. Computex endeavor more than ever to provide easy-to-use tools at ""de-facto standard"" in this debugging field.

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LAPIS Semiconductor Co., Ltd.


LAPIS Semiconductor excels in a number of technologies, including high-frequency circuits, low power consumption, digital-analog mixed signals, and memory design, and provides wireless communication LSIs, low power microcontrollers, memory LSIs, battery monitoring LSIs, and sensors.

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CM Engineering Co., Ltd.


CRESSON-MD920 series is the “wireless module with microcomputer for the baseband of 920MHz” for the build of wireless sensor network for FA, smart agriculture, health care. CME also provides the product and services of the baseband of Sub-GHz and WiFi with RF design service. CME also provides the verification services by the third party’s viewpoint and design service. New product, “SpecInsight” is for the connection of TOP circuit, generation of register and assertion automatically using GUI. In this exhibition, you can see the demo with detailed explanation at the booth.

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REVSONIC Corporation


REVSONIC provides ODM, System development and LSI solution for product development. We provide total services from design development, trial production until mass production for customer needs. We will mainly introduce Networking equipment and Module development to the realization of IoT (Internet of Things) for energy, environment, information-communication, industrial machinery and car electronics at this exhibition. We will also introduce LSI design development service as element technology.

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eSOL Co.,Ltd.


With advanced technical skills and extensive experience since 1975, eSOL provides optimum combination of eSOL's RTOS-based software platform, automotive ECU development tools, partners' products, and engineering services to enable developers to solve their complex problems. At eSOL's booth in ET2014, eSOL will showcase advanced many-core OS technology, smart agriculture, computer vision and gesture recognition, a variety of our products, and many user cases.

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EPD booth of our company is allowed to exhibit the product which the electronic paper panel of Eink, PLASTIC LOGIC, and Weifeng exhibited, and uses electronic paper. Since taking and taking a look in a hand is possible, please drop in. Embedded bord solutions booth of our company exhibits very small PC system with Intel and 3.5inch SBC Mother board, Pico-ITX with ARM, VME board. Please drop in. (Makers ; ARTESYN, ADLINK,DFI , VIA, YAMASHITA SYSTEMS, etc)

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Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.


AMD propose many embedded solutions of Digital Signate, Gaming, image processing and other segments using APU/SoC products through application demonstration and industrial board solution from AMD's partners.

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Rocky is a profession on design and development of analog and digital circuitry. We provide you DMS and EMS solutions on industrial and electronic products. We will display following Rocky products in the Embedded Technology 2014.
FMC products:
o NEW product!! Ultra-precise time synchronous system.
o NEW product!! Low cost FMC carrier board with Xilinx-FPGA.
o Various Line up!! A/D, D/A FMC modules.
ITP products:
o ITP designer!! easy design tool for our Inteligent Touch Panel(ITP).

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NMR Corporation


NMR Corporation is import of excellent overseas CPU board and LCD product, Will provide sufficient support and solutions to those products.

CPU board(x86 system/ARM system), Panel computer, Strage product, LCD panel.

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MOTOYA is leading company of Japanese digital fonts. Our products are outline fonts (TrueType, OpenType, etc.) and bitmap fonts. In the history of typeface development over many years, that does not change is the pursuit of ""beauty of character"" and ""readability"" from the 1950s.

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eXmotion Co., Ltd.


To improve the productivity and quality of embedded system development, eXmotion offers a solution that could boost the timely release of competitive products in the market.
◆ Automotive development solutions
・Introduction of theMBD and model quality improvement
・Creation of deliverable in the functional safety
◆ Legacy and derived development Solutions
・Introduction of the derived development process XDDP
・Iimprove the productivity and quality (ex. Continuous Integration, TDD, Refactoring etc)
In eXmotion’s booth, experienced consultants wait for you. Please contact us.

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Gokuh Corp.


FPGA Configuration Module by using SDCard. Reduce update time dramatically less than 1minute from 1hour of traditional ROM's. By using AES,available to transfer the SDCard or data without hacking. New JTagStick can configure FPGA only by sticking JTagPort. Reduce cost,time,equipment and manpower.

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