Embedded Technology 2014
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Conference Program

Conference Program (Japanese Only)

  • K Keynote Session

    The Keynote Session which tells the future view. Invited the key person from the top company relevant to an application theme.

  • S Special Lecture

    A lecturer is invited from each field of administrative and academic sectors, and an industry trend and a technical subject are taken up. It is given on the theme which takes the future course of Japan in advance.

  • I Invited Lecture

    The top company of the embedded industry tells about the future view of the industry.

  • P Panel Session

    The specialists in each field argue about a theme from hardware, software, and the newest topics.

  • TS Technical Session

    It is a technical seminar which takes up and explains a seasonal technical theme.

  • AS Analog Upskilling Track

    It is a session about improvement in the speed of an embedded system, the design of the analog circuitry which becomes still more important by low-power-consumption-ized demand, mounting, and the measurement technique.

  • DVT Design and Verification Tool Track

    It focuses on the tool for a design and verification which realizes improvement in the productivity of embedded systems development, and quality,send an leading edge, such as the latest tool, the effective utilizing method, an application,etc.

  • PD Programmable Devices Track

    ex.FPGA track

    A main programmable devices vendor introduces information on new products, the design technique, an application example, etc.

  • AP NEW Applications Track

    It is a session about Applications.

  • AG NEW Smart Agri Track

    It is a session about "Smart Agriculture".

  • IoT NEW IoT Track

    It is a session about "Internet of Things".

  • RT Robotics Session

    It is a session about Robotics.

  • EDA NEW EDA Track

    It is a session about Electronic Design Automation.

  • C Special Session

    It is a seminar by economic organization, consortium, a standardization organization, etc. which introduces the newest technical information in and outside the country.

  • TCA Taipei Computer Association

    The seminar is held by Taipei Computer Association(TCA).

  • JG JASA Technical Seminar

    Joint Seminar

    The seminar is held by JASA.

  • JF JASA Global Forum

    Joint Seminar

    The seminar is held by JASA.

  • GG Study Session

    Joint Seminar

    The seminar is held by JASA.

  • JK Elderly Employment Seminar

    Joint Seminar


  • IPA IPA Seminar

    Joint Seminar

    The seminar is held by IPA/SEC.

  • MM Multi Manycore Seminar

    Joint Seminar

    It is a session about Multi Manycore.



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