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Junichiro KawaguchiJapan Earospace Exploration Agency"Department of Space Flight Systems Institute of Space and Astronautical Science"Professor, Senior Fellow

How to reduce the risk of system trouble in embedded systems ?

Masayuki HIRAYAMANihon Univ.College of Science and TechnologyProfessor

Smart agriculuture using embbeded technology and cloud computing Utilization of UECS to stndardize the information of protected horticuluture

[Moderator]Ken-ichiro YasubaOkayama University Faculty of Agriculture assistant professor

[Panelist]Katsuyoshi WatanabeFUJITSU LIMITED Innovation Business Unit Director

[Panelist]Dong-Hyuk AhnNARO Institute of Vegetable and Tea Science Vegetable Production Technology Division Senior Researcher

[Panelist]Hiroyasu ToitaWaBit Inc. President

Change the world by IoT

Yuruzu UtsumiARM K.K.0President

Considering appropriate Cyber security measures for environment changes How its usage of IT systems?

Itsuro NishimotoLAC Co., Ltd. Director, Senior Vice President & CTO

Takeshi KounoSparx Systems Japan Co., Ltd.

Altera’s Role In Accelerating the Internet of Thingss

Takayuki OyamaAltera Japan, LTD.Marketing DepartmentProduct Marketing Manager

IoT Market Trend and Real Application

Shoho EgawaDigi Internationla K.K.Regional Manager

Masashi AraiHeartland.Data Co., Ltd.Sales department Technical support divisionManager

The Near future of FPGA technologies Ultra High-speed interconnect, 3D packaging, SoC, and 14nm

Eiji HashizumeAltera Japan,LTD.Marketing DepartmentSr. Product Marketing Manager


Consumer Electronisc, House, Automotive and B2B Solutions tied by Things and Systems Design on IoT (Internet of Things) Era

Kazuo KajimotoPanasonic CorporationCorporate CTO OfficeSenior Councilor

Internet of Your Things start with embedded devices From stand alone devices to solutions. What should we start with?

Madoka SawaMicrosoft Japan Co., LtdMicrosoft Technology CenterTechnology Center Lead

Improvement cases of ISO 26262 software development process

Akihisa MorikawaWITZ CorporationFunctional Safety Development Dept.General Manager

Minimal Fab High-Mix Low-Volume Semiconductor Factory

Shiro HaraAISTNanoelectronics Research InstituteGroup Leader, Minimal System Group

Azuma DaisukeJapan Novel Corporation"Technology Management Division Software testing business Group"Group Manager

Tabula 100G Programmable Solutions and Introduction of DesignInsight Technology

Kenichi YoshikawaRENESAS EASTON Co.,Ltd.LSI Development Dept.Manager

Applicable Conditions for Virtual Prototyping Required Functionality and Timing for Successful Virtual Prototyping based on Use Cases

Junji NakanoNihon Synopsys G.K.System-Level SolutionsFAE Manager

Atsuro IwabuchiZUKEN ELMIC. Inc.Industrial Network Development Dept., Development DivisionManager

Approaches to Enhance Reliability of Products/IT Services by means of Sharing "Lessons" Learned from Failure Experiences

Hiroshi Haneda

Hitoshi KatoInformation-technology Promotion Agency,JapanSystem Group,Software Reliability Enhancement Center,Technology Headquaters

Overview and Recent Result of TOPPERS Project

Hiroaki Takada

Introduction of activities for virtualization software in embedded system.

Shinya HondaNagoya University"Department of Information EngineeringGraduate School of Information ScienceInformation Platform Group"associate professor

Introduction of ECHONET Lite Communication Middleware for device"TOPPERS/ECNL"

Hiroaki NagashimaCores Co., Ltd.Development Department

A test strategy you need in Internet of Things era Existing simulator such as test driver and stub can be replaced by Service Virtualization technology easily.

Masashi IiyamaTechMatrix CorporationSoftware Engineering Technical DepartmentTechnical Consultant

Pre-Check verification required before jumping onto FPGA board testing

Akio MitsuhashiMentor Graphics Japan Co., Ltd. Marketing Division Director

Get ready for IoT era, Android security technology

Masaru MatsunamiSony Digital Network Applications, Inc.Chief Security Technology Officer

Seiko ShirasakaKeio UniversityGraduate School of System Design and ManagementAssociate Professor

Kazuhiro AoyamaThe University of TokyoGraduate School of Engineering, Department of Systems InnovationProfessor

Yoshihiro NakaboIntelligent Systems Institute, National Insitute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)Dependable Systems Research GroupGroup Leader

Masumi ToyoshimaDENSO CORPORATIONePF R&D divisionResearch Engineer

Shimizu YasuoTokyo Denki University ,Faculty of EngineeringAdvanced Machine Course, Department of Mechanical EngineeringProfessor

Quantitative Evaluation and Improvement of Software Quality by Metrics

Hironori WashizakiWaseda UniversityGlobal Software Engineering LaboratoryHead, Associate Professor

traceability to achieve ISO2626 functional safety

Kenji GotoCadence Design Systems, JapanTechnical Field OperationsTechnical Sales Director

 Resolving Issues of Delta-Oriented Software Development - From Specification into Realization, and into Requirements!

Fastest, Smartest, highest quality, Xilinx design environments Vivado, UltraFast Design Methodology, All Programmable Abstractions

Seiichi KurodaXilinx K.K.Tools & Methodology Applications Senior AE

Fault diagnosis initiative using model-based approaches Project concept and systematic view of causal analysis

Shigeru KanemotoThe University of AIZU Computer Industry Laboratory, Division of Information Systems, Department of Computer Science and Engineering Professor

Fault diagnosis initiative using model-based approaches Fault diagnosis with model-based software verification

Kozo OkanoOsaka University Department of Computer Science, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology Associate Professor

Proposal of business operations improvement with tools

Ryuko YOSHIKAWACATS CO.,LTD.Sales Group1 Product DivisionManager

Murata's approach to IoT business for expanding IoT market

Nobuyuki NozawaMurata Manufacturing Co., Ltd."Software Solution Development Sec., Solution Service Dept. Module Business Unit,"Senior manager

The result of TOPPERS/AP and introduced AP Consortium

TAKADA Mitsutaka NAGOYA UniversityCenter for embedded computing systemsResearcher

Introduction of the AUTOSAR development trial kit

Kazuto ShigiharaFUJI SOFT INCORPORATEDASI Business DivisionAssistant Manager

Development of the low-end microcomputer platform software based on TOPPERS ATK2 technology which meets the demand of the in-vehicle industry.

Kunihiro TashiroSunny Giken Inc. In-vehicle Division Manager

3D Semiconductor Process Simulation and LCR extract by Voxel method For the highly integrated process design, device design and circuit design

Masaki MutoNTT DATA Mathematical Systems Inc.Science DivisionSenior Member

Begin to Design "All Programmable Device" from today

Kazuhisa KawaiAvnet Internix K.K.Marketing Department Product Salese 3hd DevisionSuperVisor

What's WSN features?, comparison with other wireless standards


Atrenta's Hardware Verification New Solution & Flow Introduction of Automatic Assertion Generation tool for Functional Verificaion

Nobutaka OgiyaAtrenta K.KField Apprecation SectionSr. Apprecation Engineer

New topics of "IPA/SEC White Paper 2014-2015 on Software Development projects in Japan" New analyses about productivity variation factors and reliability variation factors

Masao SaekiInformation-technology Promotion Agency,Japan System Group,Software Reliability Enhancement Center,Technology Headquaters

Mitsuhiro MatsudaInformation-technology Promotion Agency,Japan System Group,Software Reliability Enhancement Center,Technology Headquaters



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