Embedded Technology


Study SeminarFree/Pre-Registration Required

11.20[wed] 13:30-15:00 Event Hall 【E205】
Industry/Research Seminar for Students and Educators
- Learn more about the embedded systems industry/ET to support manufacturing!
A message from young engineers and corporate recruiters/educators active in the embedded systems industry -
Why I Aimed to Enter the Embedded Systems Industry
- A mechanical engineering student enters the embedded systems industry, and miraculously achieves real business results via on-the-job training (OJT) -
Tomoyuki Yokota
Embedded Development Department (Kobe)

Creating & Nurturing Professional Engineers
- Human resource development & adopting eSOL's "Engineer Collectives" for embedded technology -
Ayako Sawada
eSOL Co., Ltd.
Ideal Human Resources Sought by Industry and Companies
- Some issues surrounding essential technical skills and education?from the results of questionnaires on essential technical knowledge for new employees -
Mitsuaki Miyashita
Training Committee,
Japan Embedded Systems Techinology Association(JASA)
Introducing the ET Robocon: Aiming to educate embedded engineer
- 'Two types of engineering education that look ahead 5 years or 10 years to the future -
Mitsuyuki Hoshi
Chairman, ET robot software contest committee in Japan

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