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A Advanced Data Controls Corp | Advanet Inc. | Aldec Japan K.K. | ALPHA PROJECT CO.,LTD | AMD Japan, Ltd. | ARM K.K. | Atmark Techno, Inc. | AVASYS CORPORATION | AXELL CORPORATION |
B BITRAN CORPORATION | Beat System Service Co., Ltd. |
C COMPUTEX CO., LTD. |  COSMO CO.,LTD. |  CRI Middleware Co., Ltd. | 
D Digital Media Professionals Inc. | 
E eSOL Co., Ltd. | eXmotion Co., Ltd. |
G Gokuh Corp. |
H Heartland.Data Co.,Ltd. |  Hitachi Advanced Digital, Inc. |  HDC SYSTEMS Inc. | 
I It Access Co.,Ltd. |  IVIS Co., Ltd.|  IWATA CORPORATION | 
K Kanazawa Institute of Technology / Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology |  K.K.ROCKY | 
L LAPIS Semiconductor Co., Ltd. |  Lauterbach | 
M MARUBUN CORPORATION | Morioka Area Industrial Vitalization Conference | Morisawa Inc. | MOTOYA CO., LTD. | 
N NALTEC, Inc. |  NIHON DATA SYSTEMS, INC. |  Nihon SafeNet K.K. | Nisshin Systems Co., Ltd. | Nihon System Kaihatsu Co., Ltd | NMR Corporation |
P Portwell Japan, Inc. |
R RENESAS EASTON Co., Ltd. | REVSONIC Corporation | ROHM Co., Ltd. | 
S Sparx Systems Japan Co., Ltd. |  StarBridge, Inc. |  STMicroelectronics K.K. | 
T TDK Corporation | TechnoMathematical Co., Ltd. | TOA ELECTRONICS,Inc. Flash Support Group Company | 

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Focused Exhibitors



BITRAN provides the JTAG emulator that supports ARM cores and Renesas microcontrollers.

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Networking Technology Company - ZUKEN ELMIC
AT ZUKEN ELMIC booth, you can enjoy practical demonstration of
- ECHONET Lite middleware for Smart House
- MirrorLink middleware for the seamless connectivity between car display and smart phone
- ONVIF middleware for network secutiry devices

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Nihon System Kaihatsu Co., Ltd


Based on a many development experience We will respond to a variety of needs.
[Android / Linux] education, consulting, contract development
[Quality] education, consulting, guidelines, test agency
Other engineers education

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We provide the most suitable solution in the embedded technology field using the leading technology and eperienced know-how.
We're going to exhibit our system LSI for industrial equipments, "NALTEC N10".
It has a high speed 32bit RISC core and a set of external interfaces such as Ethernet controller, USB Host/Device interface, SDIO and so on.
Besides, we are now preparing a new module solution which is empowered by N10.
We are looking forward to your coming.

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ROHM Co., Ltd.


We will participate at the joint booth of ROHM and Lapis Semiconductor again this year.
We will introduce new various products that can contribute to the differentiation of the application. We are looking forward to meet you in our booth.

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REVSONIC Corporation


REVSONIC is an engineering company that mainly provides solution businesses for semiconductor products development. Our services comply with a wide range of fields and solve customer's problems.

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MOTOYA is leading company of Japanese digital fonts. Our products are outline fonts (TrueType, OpenType, etc.) and bitmap fonts.
In the history of typeface development over many years, that does not change is the pursuit of "beauty of character" and "readability" from the 1950s.

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For saving cost and development time.
Solutions for your challenge.

Flexible modules to build up multichannel AD/DA system

Easy to customize display design and panel functions without programming.

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