Embedded Technology


ET Biz Match Program

1ICS Business Matching System

The ICS business matching system enables participants to create new technical partnerships and alliances by allowing them to easily set up meetings and with other members. - Using the system helps you to make the most out of the 3 days of the event.


2 Available to use the Biz Match Lounge

We will provide half-closed rooms in the exhibition hall for the business meeting thru the above system.
Also, free Wi-Fi will be available at the lounge for the matching members.

3 Free Interpreters

English-Japanese interpreters are available at the lounge.

Outline and Features of the System

- The “ICS Business Matching System” is a new support system for all the ET2013 participants, regardless of being exhibitor or visitor, aiming to realize their business matching at ET2013 more efficiently.
- By registered as an individual matching member, the system enables you to search for potential clients or business partners in person according to the registered profile, business needs or offerings.
- Members can approach them to request/confirm a business meeting in advance to the show.


Secretariat of Embedded Technology
(c/o ICS Convention Design, Inc)

E-mail: etinfo@jasa.or.jp

USA and Canada Representative
HTE Research, Inc.

PHONE: +1-360-676-2260
FAX: +1-206-350-3472

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