ET2010 Report

Exhibition Outline

TitleEmbedded Technology 2010
DateDecemver 1(Wed.)-3(Fri.), 2010
Organizer Japan Embedded Systems Technology Association (JASA)
Event Planning and Promotion ICS Convention Design, Inc.

Exhibition Products and Services

Hardware Solutions

MPU/MCU, DSP, System LSI (ASSP/ASIC), IP Core, FPGA/PLD, Smart Card, Embedded Platforms, Board Computers, Wireless Network(802.11x, Bluetooth, UWB, etc.), Interface Technologies (IEEE1394, USB, etc.), Power Supply/Management, IC Socket, Back-Plane, etc.

Software Solutions

RTOS, Device Drivers, Firmware/Middleware, Internet-Related Technology (Browsers, etc.), Database, Security Technologies (Encryption/Decryption, etc.)

Development Environments and Tools

Programming Languages (C/C++, Java, HTML/XML, UML, Compilers/Assemblers), In-Circuit Emulator and Debugging Tools, EDA/System Design Tools, Measurement & Instruments, Project Management Tools, Configuration Management Tools


System House, Design Service Firms, System Integration Companies, Technology Promotion Organizations, Publishers, Universities/Research Organizations, etc.


Exhibitors: 358Booths:757
12.3(Fri)Fine after rain8,071
total 21,988

Visitors only the registration attendances on that day.
Such as plural entrance of the same visitor, exhibitiors, the person concerned, the guest is not included.

Conference Program

Conferences :134 (including Private Conference)
Conf. Attendees :11,385
Attendees is only the conferences attendees. Such as the people concerned is not included.

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