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Technical Session  

TS-1 | 11.16 [wed] 10:00-11:30 Conference Center 4F[416+417]
How to Use USB3.0
Yoshi Tsuji
Technical Division
LeCroy Japan Corporation

TS-2 | 11.16 [wed] 12:00-13:30 Conference Center 4F[416+417]
Increased Applications of GPU with GPGPU
Kazuaki Murakami
Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering
Kyushu University

TS-3 | 11.16 [wed] 14:00-15:30 Conference Center 4F[416+417]
How to apply software engineering in the development field
- Development process and quality quantification trial
Masayuki Hirayama
College of Science and Technology
Nihon University

TS-4 | 11.17 [thu] 10:00-11:30 Conference Center 4F[416+417]
Pursuit of Traceability Using XDDP
Tadao Yamanouchi
Executive Officer & General Manager
Business Infrastructure Department

TS-5 | 11.17 [thu] 12:00-13:30 Conference Center 4F[416+417]
Analyzing Android from the Linux kernel
Tetsuyuki Kobayashi
Kyoto Microcomputer Co.,Ltd.

TS-6 | 11.17 [thu] 14:00-15:30 Conference Center 4F[416+417]
Key to success of embedded product development using Linux
- Reducing risk of embedded system development using OSS -
Shiro Kiuchi
Director of Engineering
MontaVista Software Japan, Inc.

TS-7 | 11.18 [fri] 10:00-11:30 Conference Center 4F[416+417]
Quantitative Evaluation and Improvement of Software Quality using Metrics
Hironori Washizaki
Associate Professor
Global Software Engineering Laboratory
Waseda University

TS-8 | 11.18 [fri] 12:00-13:30 Conference Center 4F[416+417]
Functional Safety and Safety System Technology
Hiroaki Takada
Graduate School of Information Science
Nagoya University

TS-9 | 11.18 [fri] 14:00-15:30 Conference Center 4F[416+417]
ISO 26262 software development process
Akihisa Morikawa
Functional Safety Development Sect.
Embedded & Control System R&D Dept.
WITZ Corporation