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Smart Energy Special Seminar  

SE-1 | 11.18 [fri] 11:00-11:45 Conference Center 3F[301]
Embassy of Denmark
Green energy policy and smart grid projects in Denmark, environmentally-advanced country.
Kensuke Nakajima
Investment Manager
Invest in Denmark
Embassy of Denmark

SE-2 | 11.18 [fri] 13:00-13:45 Conference Center 3F[301]
Toyota City
Low-carbon society created by the local community and next generation mobility
- Toyota City's Low-carbon society system verification project -
Masayuki Kawamoto
Project General Manager
R&D Management Division
Toyota Motor Corporation

SE-3 | 11.18 [fri] 14:00-14:45 Conference Center 3F[301]
Kitakyushu City
Striving to Samater City "The Kitakyushu Smart Community Creation Project"
Keiji Aramaki
Project Executive ( for Kitakyushu Smart Community Creation Project )
Environment Bureau
City of Kitakyushu

SE-4 | 11.18 [fri] 15:00-15:45 Conference Center 3F[301]
Fukuoka Smart House Consortium
Energy control of Inside Technology of Fukuoka Smart House Consortium and its development method
Hitoshi Arima
dSPACE Japan K.K.

SE-5 | 11.18 [fri] 16:00-16:45 Conference Center 3F[301]
Overview of Mitsubishi Electric's Technology Development for Smart House
Namihei Suzuki
Senior Manager
Smart Community Project Group