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Anniversary Session Panel Session Technical Session Smart Energy Special Seminar
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JASA Technological Headquarters Seminar  

JG-1 | 11.16 [wed] 10:00-10:20 Conference Center 3F[304]
[OSS Utilization Committee]
Embedded virtualization technology metrics and interim results on performance evaluation

JG-2 | 11.16 [wed] 10:30-11:00 Conference Center 3F[304]
[Platform Research Group]
New platform proposal for robot and control system development

JG-3 | 11.16 [wed] 11:15-12:00 Conference Center 3F[304]
[State Transition Design Research Group]
Introduction of practical guide for SPLE using state transition tables

JG-4 | 11.16 [wed] 12:15-13:45 Conference Center 3F[304]
[Hardware Research Group]
"Explore the future of Japan's embedded system industry" (Five themes to pass on to the next generation)
"Embedded system industry" within the overall electronics/electronics system industry-Is "embedded hardware" marketable in the embedded system industry?
Strength of Japan's embedded system industry
How best to develop embedded hardware engineers
Embedded system industry's market potential in the future

JG-5 | 11.16 [wed] 14:00-15:00 Conference Center 3F[304]
[Embedded System Quality Improvement Committee]
Issues regarding implementation quality of embedded software
- Report on the status of tool utilization -

JG-6 | 11.16 [wed] 15:15-17:15 Conference Center 3F[304]
[Safety Improvement Research Committee, Product Safety WG]
How to deal with ISO26262 and How to use A-SPICE

Overview and how-to of ISO26262 and Automotive SPICE
Kazunari Tabuchi
Marketing Director
Consulting Division

Key points for ISO26262 certificate
Masahiko Takeichi
Functional Safety Dept.
DNV Business Assurance Japan KK

Established background of Nippon SPICE Network and trends of SPICE community in the world
Fumiaki Kono
Chassis Control Development Dept. Sect. 1