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JEITA Seminar  

JEITA | 11.18 [fri] 13:00-17:00 Conference Center 3F[304]
Evolution of Multi-/Many-Core Processors and Near Future Society
- Issues for Rebuilding Japan and Solutions by Multi-/Many-Core -

Current Status of Embedded Multi-/Many-Core Processors and Software
Masato Edahiro
Graduate School of Information Science
Nagoya University

Visiting Professor
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
University of Tokyo

Visiting Professor
Green Computing Systems Research Center
Waseda University

Microprocessor Evolution: From "Single" to "Multi" and "Many"
Koji Inoue
Associate Professor
Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering
Kyushu University

Rebuild Japan ; How can Japan contribute to the future innovation ?
Naoki Asami
Operating Officer, Publisher of Nikkei Business
Business Group
Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.