Conference Program

Keynote Session
The Keynote Session which tells the future view which invited the key person from the top company relevant to an application theme, and met each theme. In ET2011, the lecture by Mazda Corp., Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd., and JAXA is prepared.
Invited Lecture
The top company of the embedded industry tells about the future view of the industry. In ET2011, Intel Corporation gives a lecture.
Special Lecture
A lecturer is invited from each field of administrative and academic sectors, and an industry trend and a technical subject are taken up. It is given on the theme which takes the future course of Japan in advance.
Anniversary Session
It is the special session planned in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Yokohama holding.
ET x EDSFair
It is the joint lecture which commemorated simultaneous holding with EDSFair.
Panel Session
The specialists in each field select carefully and argue about a theme from hardware, software, and the newest topics.
Technical Session
It is a technical seminar which takes up and explains a seasonal technical theme each time.
It became a free lecture for the 25th anniversary.
Smart Energy Special Seminar
Five sessions of special seminars by the key person on the theme of smart energy are planned.
Design and Verification Tool Track
It focuses on the tool for a design and verification which realizes improvement in the productivity of embedded systems development, and quality,send an leading edge, such as the latest tool, the effective utilizing method, an application,etc.
DSP Track
Digital appliances, a mobile phone, terrestrial broadcasting, etc. are the special seminars about DSP used abundantly as a point of digital signal processing.
FPGA Track
A main FPGA vendor introduces information on new products, the design technique, an application example, etc.
AnalogDesign Track
It is a session about improvement in the speed of an embedded system, the design of the analog circuitry which becomes still more important by low-power-consumption-ized demand, mounting, and the measurement technique.
Special Session
It is a seminar by economic organization, consortium, a standardization organization, etc. which introduces the newest technical information in and outside the country.
JASA Special Seminar
It is a JASA sponsorship special seminar on the theme of functional safety etc.
JASA Technological Headquarters Seminar
The seminar by JASA is held.
JASA Global Forum
The seminar by JASA is held.
IPA Seminar
The seminar by IPA/SEC is held.
Critical Software Workshop(WOCS)
The seminar by WOCS is held.
JEITA Seminar
The seminar by JEITA is held.