ET Award (New)

A product, technology, a solution, etc. which are considered to contribute to development of industry, and also improvement of technology and user's convenience, are invited from an exhibition company.

Application Guidelines for ET Award

Target Applicant

The exhibitor who has products, technologies, solutions and activities, released after January 2011, which gave a large impact on industry and community. However, products, technologies, solutions and activities must be exhibited or introduced at the Embedded Technology 2011 Show.

»  Hardware
»  Software
»  Development Environments/ Tools
»  Solution which combines some of the above.
»  Promotion Activity
(Regional Activities, Standardization, including Education, etc.)

Criteria for ET Award

Technical Effect

»  There must be an obvious way of apply and gives an impact on the current technologies.
»  There must be an example in the area of embedded technology.
»  Should be related with embedded technology such as quality, development process and functional safety.

Suggests the Future of Embedded Technology

»  Can be applied to the existing embedded technology.
»  Creating added-value

Economic Impact

»  Contribute to the expansion of embedded technology's applicational area.
»  Creating added-value
»  Cost savings

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