25th Special Program

Application Guidelines for ET Award

Target Applicant

The exhibitor who has products, technologies, solutions and activities, released after January 2011, which gave a large impact on industry and community. However, products, technologies, solutions and activities must be exhibited or introduced at the Embedded Technology 2011 Show.

»  Hardware
»  Software
»  Development Environments/ Tools
»  Solution which combines some of the above.
»  Promotion Activity
(Regional Activities, Standardization, including Education, etc.)

Criteria for ET Award

Technical Effect

»  There must be an obvious way of apply and gives an impact on the current technologies.
»  There must be an example in the area of embedded technology.
»  Should be related with embedded technology such as quality, development process and functional safety.

Suggests the Future of Embedded Technology

»  Can be applied to the existing embedded technology.
»  Creating added-value

Economic Impact

»  Contribute to the expansion of embedded technology's applicational area.
»  Creating added-value
»  Cost savings

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Also as northeastern districts aid and support, distribute a northeastern local brand of sake to some visitors as a souvenir.

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