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① The purpose of Japan PlugFest is to provide the opportunity of connection
test to
  improve interoperability in between equipments under test. Japan PlugFest
shall not
  give any guarantee or certificate to each party of Japan PlugFest.

② Considering that equipments under test at Japan PlugFest may not have
  officially announced for the market yet, the Receiving party agrees,
with respect to any
  Confidential information received by it from the Disclosing party at
Japan PlugFest, to
  hold the Confidential information in the strictest confidence and not to disclose the
  same to any third person without obvious permission of the Disclosing
   "Confidential information" shall mean any and all technical
and non-technical
  information and test results of a confidential nature disclosed by the
Disclosing Party at
  Japan PlugFest.

③ The Receiving party agrees to use Confidential information only in examining
  compatibility of the equipment to which Confidential information belong.

④ Each party of Japan PlugFest shall not guarantee any information, test results, and
  disclosed Confidential information.

⑤ Each party of Japan PlugFest shall not guarantee equipments of any marketability,

  compatibility to specific purpose, and infringe against intellectual property of third
   These information, test results, and disclosed Confidential information
shall be
  provided without any guarantee.

⑥ Japan Embedded Systems Technology Association, a sponsor of Japan plug
fest, shall
  not been involved in compensation of damages and any legal responsibilities, caused
  in Japan PlugFest, against the party or third person.